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LyriQ OnQ Legrand Local Source Input

LyriQ OnQ Legrand Local Source Input

Legrand LyriQ Local Source Input:

The OnQ Legrand LyriQ local source input lets users plug-in devices for local entertainment. With the AU5008-TI you may plugin in personal audio players. The AU5008-TI product color is titanium and it includes the wall-plate to complete the installation.

The LyriQ studio local source is part of the lyriQ multi-room audio system. The AU5008-TI is a component which, when combined with other LyriQ components and your source equipment (receiver, CD player, etc.) helps create a flexible whole-house audio system that will fill your rooms with high-quality sound for years to come. By using Category 5 technology this method of proving high-quality audio to remote location with a single 8-conductor cable such as Cat 5e. This method provides advantages over other conventional methods of audio distribution, such as, simple, single Category 5 wiring scheme and infrared control of system components.

The LyriQ allows the LyriQ multi-room audio system to use "local" source inputs (up to 2 maximum) associated with any one volume control or audio zone. When used in conjunction with studio keypads, the lyriQ studio local source input can be chose from the keypad just as main sources are chosen. It is connected in series with the keypad by simply connecting a run of Category 5 cable from a lyriQ Distribution Module zone to the "INPUT" RJ45 input jack on the rear of the Studio Local Source INput, and connecting the "OUTPUT" RJ45 jack over Category 5 cable to the volume control. If two Local Source are used, simply daisy-chain them OUTPUT to INPUT using the RJ45 jacks. The Studio Local Source Input senses audio signals on its front side input RCA jacks. When a line level audio sourse is sensed (such as; MP3 player, TV or other) the local audio source can then be heard within the zone.

THe LED on the front lights green to indicate that the Studio Local Source Input has switched over to the local audio source and that the source is active. It lights amber to indicate that it has switched over to thte local audio source, but that the source in not active. It lights red to indicate that a main audio source has been switched through as an override to a connected local audio source regardless whtether that main audio source is present or not. There is also a gain control on the front to allow attenuation/gain of the local audio signal. Therre are two potentiometers on the rear which are used to tdeterming the sensitivity of the audio detect circuit that couses the Studio Local Source INput to switch to a local audio source, and to determin the time delay for switching back to the main audio source after the local audio source is no longer present.

Legrand LyriQ Local Source Input Specifications:

Product Height: 4.91 inches
Product Width: 1.65 inches
Product Depth: 2.125 inches
Product Series: Studio
Installation Location: In-Wall
Frequency Response: 20-100Hz +/- 4dB 100 - 20,000Hz +/- 2dB
Operating Temperature: 0°C-55°C
Humidity: Up to 90&per; RH (non-condensing)
IR Receive Frequency: 10 KHz +/- 5KHz to 110KHz +/- 5KHz
Output and Line Out Connection: Audio Out - RJ45 Connection
Power Requirements: +24VDC Supplied by the Distribution Module
Storage Temperature: -25° to +75°C
Voice Announcement:Announces system and sensor status and more in English (e.g. armed away or front door open)
Emergency Response: Dedicated emergency response button for users to request assistance from authorities
Emergency Alerts: A loud alarm or sound for break-ins (when system is armed), potentially unsafe levels of carbon monoxide or smoke, and tornado warnings

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