Lake Worth, FL - Alarm Permit Information

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AlarmClub Lake Worth Permit Information

Lake Worth False Alarm Fines:
1st: $0
2nd: $0
3rd: $50
4th: $50
5th: $75
6th: $100
7th: $100
8th: $100
9th: $100
10+: $500
Click here for more false alarm information: Lake Worth - False Burglar Alarm Fines

Home and business alarm systems must be registered in the city of Lake Worth. An alarm activation from an alarm system that has not been registered is subject to a civil penalty of $260 for each activation.
As of October 1, 2009 Palm Beach Sheriff's Office (PBSO) will not respond to alarms that are not properly permitted. (However, PBSO will always respond to all robbery/panic duress and hold up alarms because these alarms require an affirmative act by a person on the premises to activate.)

How do I register my alarm system in Lake Worth?
1. Go to Lake Worth, Florida Alarm Permit Application
2. Complete the application with a twenty-five ($25) check payable to PBSO and mail to:

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
Accounting Department
PO Box 24681
West Palm Beach, FL 33416-4681

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