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Update My Credit Card (for Recurring Billing)
Update My Credit Card (for Recurring Billing)
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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Is a Credit Card Required for Recurring Billing? Yes, we accept Amex®, Discover®, MasterCard®, and Visa® networks.

2. Can I pay with Amazon® Recurring Billing? Not available for month-to-month billing.

3. Can I pay with Paypal® Recurring Billing? Not available for month-to-month billing.

4. Is it a Secure Transaction? The credit card update utilizes Yahoo® commercial grade 256-bit encryption.

5. What if I have a Past-Due Amount? If applicable, any past-due balance will be charged on the provided card.

6. What is the Recurring Billing Schedule? The automated alarm monitoring charge will occur between the 10th and 15th of every month in advance on the credit card for the upcoming month of service.

7. What if my Sales Tax Changes? We do business throughout the United States (US) and collect sales tax according to the particular states applicable law. If the law regarding any states sales tax changes, we are permitted to collect the appropriate sales tax at that time and correctly apply it on customer's credit card. In the event a customer is charged more or less sales tax than the law dictates in his/her specific location, it is the customer's responsibility to notify us and/or pay the appropriate taxes.

8. How does the Validation of New Credit Card Work? A pending charge of 1¢ will be placed on the credit card you provide. Upon confirmation of the new credit card's validity, we will then cancel the pending 1¢ charge (resulting in no charge on your credit card).