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AlarmClub Certificate of Alarm

You may be eligible for a discount of up to 20% on your Homeowners Insurance if you have a home security system monitored by AlarmClub. An AlarmClub monitored security system homeowners insurance savings can actually make you money and at the same time provide you with the protection you need. Provide us with the following information listed below so that we can issue a certificate of alarm to your property insurance company. Have peace of mind, knowing our state-of-the art performs professional central station and our emergency dispatchers are fully certified.

Non-Online Options to Request a Certificate of Alarm?

Submit Form by Fax:
1. Type and print the completed form.
2. Please fax this information to AlarmClub.


Submit Form by Mail:
1. Type and print the completed form.
2. Please mail this information to AlarmClub.

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