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Since 1999, AlarmClub has performed professional alarm monitoring services throughout Coconut Creek, Florida. AlarmClub clients enjoy paying only $8 a month for their alarm monitoring services. Whether you are switching your alarm monitoring services to AlarmClub or are thinking about purchasing a new wireless security system, AlarmClub is the alarm company for you. We specialize in protecting local businesses, schools, hospitals, medical buildings, libraries, malls, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, airports, gated communities, high-rise buildings, supermarkets, marinas, hotels, automobile dealerships, apartments, condominiums, parking garages, restaurants and homes around the clock.

AlarmClub's state-of-the-art professional central alarm monitoring station handles burglar, fire, carbon monoxide, smoke/heat, flood, temperature, asset protection, medical and panic alarm signals throughout Coconut Creek, Florida. Upon receiving a alarm initiating signal a trained central alarm monitoring station operator will act in accordance with Enhanced Call Verification (ECV) Florida Statute HB1351 in an attempt to reduce false alarms. If it is determined that the alarm is not a false alarm, AlarmClub central station operators will dispatch the appropriate authorities immediately.

All AlarmClub technicians are background, drug tested and certified by the Alarm Association of Florida (AAF). With years of experience our alarm service staff is among the most knowleadgeable in the industry to date.

These days home security is more important than ever in Coconut Creek, Florida. Poor economic conditions have resulted in an uptick in Coconut Creek, Florida home burglaries and property crime. Fortunately, AlarmClub's experienced team of alarm technicians and professional central station alarm monitoring operators are ready to protect Coconut Creek, Florida's homes and businesses. The average loss in a home burglary is approximately $2,000, so don't be a victim and get the peace of mind you deserve at AlarmClub.

Our alarm monitored clients are eligible for up to a 20% discount on their homeowner's insurance. With a Better Business Bureau (BBB) A+ Rating, our clients have come to trust us to take care of their security needs. Start saving your property, life and your money today!

Coconut Creek, Florida Alarm Services Map
Coconut Creek Population - 49,890
Coconut Creek Zip Codes - 33063
33066, 33073, 33093, 33097
Map of Coconut Creek, Florida  Wireless Alarm Systems & Alarm Monitoring Services

Mail Address(s)

Police Department:
Coconut Creek Police Department
4800 West Copans Rd.
Coconut Creek, FL 33063
Police Department:
300 West Atlantic Avenue
Coconut Creek, FL 33444
City Hall:
4800 West Copans Road
Coconut Creek, FL 33063

Phone Numbers - Coconut Creek Police, Fire & Medical

Emergency : Dial 9-1-1
Non-Emergency: (954)973-7222
City Hall Phone: (954)973-6770
City Hall Fax: (954)973-6795
Permits: (954)973-6750
Criminal Investigations Unit: (954)973-6700
Police Fax: (954)973-6718
Get Police Report: (954)973-6708

Websites, Links & Emails - Coconut Creek Contact Us

Community Emergency Response Email: ccardenas@coconutcreek.net
Official Website: Coconut Creek - General Information
Police Website: Coconut Creek - Police
Police Reports: Coconut Creek Police Reports
Fire Website: Coconut Creek - Fire
Fire Statistics: Coconut Creek Fire Statistics

Local Personnel - Coconut Creek Police & Fire

Steve Pollio
Fire Chief
Phone: (954)973-6706
Email: spollio@coconutcreek.net
Michael J. Mann
Chief of Police
Phone: (954)973-6702
Email: mmann@coconutcreek.net
Anthony Avello
Public Information Officer
Phone: (954)973-6700
Email: aavello@coconutcreek.net
Doug Barclay
Lieutenant of Criminal Investigations
Phone: (954)973-6775
Dominic Papa
Captain of Criminal Investigations
Phone: (954)973-6766
James Dingus
Detective of Criminal Investigations
Phone: (954)956-1579
Rodney Skirvin
Detective of Criminal Investigations
Phone: (954)956-1482
Kevin Vernetti
Detective of Criminal Investigations
Phone: (954)956-1578
Angela Hofer
Detective of Criminal Investigations
Phone: (954)956-1562
Jenna Buckley
Detective of Criminal Investigations
Phone: (954)956-1577
John Leonard
Special Enforcement Sergeant
Phone: (954)956-1483
Fred Hofer
Special Enforcement Detective
Phone: (954)956-1575
Dan Noordeloos
Special Enforcement Detective
Phone: (954)956-1585
James Yacobellis
Special Enforcement Detective
Phone: (954)956-1484
Kevin Scott
Task Force Detective
Phone: (954)956-1481
Marv Wilson
Crime Scene Specialist (Forensic Artist)
Phone: (954)956-1446

Local Representatives - Coconut Creek Government:

Marilyn Gerber
Phone: (954)973-6760
Email: mgerber@coconutcreek.net
Lisa K. Aronson
Phone: (954)973-6760
Email: laronson@coconutcreek.net
Dave Rivera
City Manager
Phone: (954)973-6720
Email: drivera@coconutcreek.net
Mary Blasi
Deputy City Manager
Phone: (954)973-6740
Email: mblasi@coconutcreek.net

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