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Why Choose the AlarmClub?

Burglary Intrusion
for Home and Business Alarm Systems!

There are No-Term Contracts for all home or business security systems powered by AlarmClub. Customers can sign up for either professional "PRO" 24-hour central station dispatch or do-it-yourself "DIY" self-dispatch alarm monitoring plans.

Our PRO services include detailed communication between your security system and the central station. When your system detects an alarm initiating event, it then transmits a signal to the central station where live operators attempt to verify if the alarm is indeed a real emergency, or a false alarm, by calling two phone numbers on file. If they are unable to reach anyone or determine the alarm to be real, the appropriate authorities are notified and sent to your property.

Already have an existing home security system? You are in luck! In most cases, we can simply reprogram your previously installed burglary equipment and provide the same nationwide alarm monitoring services. AlarmClub PRO monitored clients are also eligible for a certificate of alarm that may save up to 15% discounted off their homeowner's insurance premium. So what are you waiting for? Switch today and start saving on your monthly monitoring cost (as compared to ADT, Brinks and Vivint).

Commercial Fire
for Commercial Fire Alarm Systems!

There are No-Term Contracts for all commercial fire alarm monitoring services. AlarmClub provides 24/7 fire protection by tracking alarms triggered by your fire alarm system.

When an alarm is received at the central station, our operators verify the emergency and notify first responders. In the case of a real fire alarm event, when seconds matter the most, having commercial fire alarm monitoring services is critical for life safety. This service is important for commercial buildings to ensure the safety of employees and customers, and comply with local fire codes and regulations.

Already have an existing commercial fire alarm system? You are in luck! We can takeover the following manufactured brands (e.g. DSC, Honeywell, Fire-Lite, Napco, Potter and Silent Knight) of previously installed fire alarm equipment, and perform the required ETL-Listed fire alarm monitoring services. Much like the other nationwide fire monitoring guys, we provide the same emergency dispatch services and charge less money for it!

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