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What is Connected Car Tracking?

Connected Car allows customers to track their vehicle's location, monitor its diagnostic health and receive alerts for speeding, towing and more, all from the Alarm.com mobile app. Plus, because the Car Connector uses a dedicated cellular connection and has a backup battery, they get 24/7 awareness, even when the car is parked and the engine is off.

One App for Home + Car

Connected Car integrates seamlessly with Alarm.com systems.

Most customers can self-install the ADC-3035L device themselves, they just plug it into their vehicle's OBD-II port and they're good to go. Connected Car allows users to automate smart home settings based on the location of their vehicle. This can save them time and money by enabling Alarm.com Places to automatically adjust and send alerts for home automation devices.

Users can also choose to add the Car Connector as a Geo-Device to trigger lights and thermostats when they're close to home. Trigger lights when the car's Geo-Device leaves or enters a Geo-Fence. Trigger thermostats when the car's Geo-Device leaves or enters a Geo-Fence. Pause video rules while the car's Geo-Device is within a Geo-Fence. Send alerts if the car's Geo-Device leaves a Geo-Fence without closing the garage door, locking the front door, or arming the system.

  • Vehicle Diagnostics: Maintenance alerts and real-time data in the mobile app help keep vehicles in good working order. (Check Engine, Low Battery, Low Fuel)

  • Family Driving: View trip recaps, see routes and gauge fuel efficiency. Monitor drivers for speeding or adjust habits to reduce wear and tear. (Excessive Speeding, Sudden Acceleration, Hard Braking)

  • Vehicle Security: Protect one of their most valuable assets against theft and damage with location tracking and unexpected movement alerts. (Car Location, Car Towed, Car Alert)