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▼ Connect+ Wireless Encrypted Security Sensors ▼
RE617 - Alula Wireless Encrypted Heat Detector (for Connect+ Control Panel)
List Price: $145.78
Special Order: $97.19
RE616 - Alula Wireless Encrypted Alarm Siren (for Connect+ Control Panel)
List Price: $176.15
Your Price: $117.44
RE620 - Alula Wireless Encrypted Alarm Repeater (for Connect+ Control Panel)
List Price: $188.30
Your Price: $125.54
RE663 - Alula Wireless Connect+ LED Alarm Touchpad (for Connect+ Control Panel)
List Price: $143.75
Your Price: $95.84

Connect+ Wireless Encrypted Sensors

Connect Plus encrypted wireless security sensors are designed for use with the Alula Connect+ security system. These advanced sensors use encryption technology to ensure secure communication between the sensor and the Connect+ control panel. These sensors are designed to provide reliable and accurate detection of intrusions, environmental and other security threats in a home or business.

Connect+ Compatible Devices:

Control Panel

  • RE6100P-XX-X - Alula Connect+ Wireless Control Panel (Built-In Connect+ Receiver, Bluetooth & Ethernet Port)

Alarm Keypads

  • RE667W-PRO - Alula Connect+ Wireless Slimline Touchpad White Alarm Keypad
  • RE667W-R-PRO - Alula Connect+ Wireless Slimline Touchscreen White Alarm Keypad with WiFi DeviceLink Card
  • RE667B-R - Alula Connect+ Wireless Slimline Touchscreen Black Alarm Keypad with WiFi DeviceLink Card
  • RE663 - Alula Connect+ LED Alarm Keypad
  • RE652 - Alula Connect+ PINpad Alarm Keypad

Wireless Sensors

  • RE600-5 - Wireless Connect+ Encrypted 5-Button Remote Alarm Keyfob
  • RE601 - Wireless Connect+ Encrypted Standard Door/Window Alarm Contact
  • RE622 - Wireless Connect+ Encrypted Nanomax Door/Window Alarm Contact
  • DWS-LL - Wireless Connect+ Encrypted LongLife Door/Window Alarm Contact
  • RE607 - Wireless Connect+ Encrypted Outdoor Door/Window Alarm Contact
  • RE611P - Wireless Connect+ Encrypted Indoor PIR Motion Detector
  • RE659 - Wireless Connect+ Encrypted 360 Degree Motion Detector
  • RE653 - Wireless Connect+ Encrypted Outdoor Optex PIR Motion Detector
  • RE606M - Wireless Connect+ Encrypted Glassbreak Detector
  • RE618 - Wireless Connect+ Encrypted Flood/Temperature Sensor
  • RE617 - Wireless Connect+ Encrypted Heat Detector
  • RE614 - Wireless Connect+ Encrypted Smoke/Heat Detector
  • RE615 - Wireless Connect+ Encrypted Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • RE616 - Wireless Connect+ Encrypted Indoor Alarm Siren
  • RE626 - Wireless Connect+ Encrypted HeliRazor Indoor Alarm Siren
  • RE636 - Wireless Connect+ Encrypted Outdoor Alarm Siren and Strobe Light
  • RE603P - Wireless Connect+ Encrypted Panic Alarm Pendant
  • RE620 - Wireless Connect+ Encrypted Alarm Repeater
  • RE621 - Wireless Connect+ Encrypted Touchpad Range Extender