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What is Video Surveillance?

Home Surveillance
for the Home Owner!

A home video surveillance system is a system of cameras and video recorders used to monitor and record activity in and around a home. It helps homeowners keep an eye on their children, pets and other household activities when they are away. These systems can be connected to the internet, allowing homeowners to remotely receive text message motion-activated video clip notifications, and access live/recorded video footage from their computer or mobile device. There are a wide variety of home video surveillance systems available, ranging from standalone setups that can be also integrated into a broader security system platform.

Some residential video surveillance systems also include video analytics which use artificial intelligence and algorithms to analyze video footage captured by surveillance cameras in order to identify a human versus some other event that may causing a false alarm. It allows the end user to quickly and efficiently identify potential security threats, such as intruders, suspicious activity, or unusual behaviors, by reviewing footage in real-time as suspicious activity occurs.

Business Surveillance
for the Business Owner!

A business video surveillance system is a set of cameras and video recorders that are used to monitor and record activity in and around a business. It can be used for security purposes to keep an eye on potential theft or suspicious activity, as well as for employee management, training and safety reasons. In addition to monitoring activity in real-time, many modern video surveillance systems also include advanced analytics features that can automatically detect and alert business owners or security personnel of potential security breaches, such as unauthorized access to restricted areas or unusual movements after hours. This can help businesses enhance their overall security posture and prevent losses due to various forms of criminal activity.

Some commercial video surveillance systems also include video analytics used to analyze video footage taken from surveillance cameras for business purposes. These analytics can help businesses in various ways such as monitoring employee behavior, improving customer service or enhancing security measures. With advanced video analytics, businesses can identify specific patterns, behaviors or anomalies in the video footage that human operators may miss. This helps improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve overall security.

In summary, when people know that they are being monitored by a video surveillance system, they may be less likely to engage in criminal activities for fear of being caught and prosecuted. Additionally, the video surveillance footage can be used as evidence in court to prosecute offenders, which can also serve as a deterrent to crime.