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What is Commercial Fire Monitoring?

Commercial fire alarm monitoring is a service that involves the central monitoring of fire alarms in commercial buildings. It helps to ensure that in the event of a fire, emergency responders are notified quickly and accurately.

With this service, fire alarms are connected to the AlarmClub central monitoring system that is staffed 24/7. When a fire alarm is triggered, our operators then alert the user and/or appropriate responders, such as the fire department or building maintenance team, so that they can respond to the situation as quickly as possible.

This service is important for commercial buildings to ensure the safety of employees and customers, and comply with local fire codes and regulations.

General Steps for Fire Monitoring:

Step 1.

A fire alarm is triggered and is transmitted to the AlarmClub 24/7 central monitoring station.

Step 2.

The AlarmClub operator then goes through documented call list procedures and calls the user to verify if fire alarm requires response.

Step 3.

If the fire signal is either confirmed valid, or if the end user is unreachable when the AlarmClub operator attempts to attempts to contact them, then traditional local fire department dispatching procedures will proceed.

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