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What is Z-Wave Automation Technology?

Z-Wave Plus Devices
Smart Automation of Your Property!

Z-Wave Plus is an advanced version of the Z-Wave technology used for home automation. Z-Wave Plus automation products are devices that use the enhanced features of Z-Wave Plus to provide better performance, increased range, longer battery life, and stronger security. Some examples of Z-Wave Plus automation products include smart thermostats, smart locks, smart lighting systems, and sensors for temperature, humidity, and motion detection. These devices are designed to work seamlessly together and with other Z-Wave Plus products for a comprehensive smart home system. They allow users to control their home's lighting, temperature, security, and other features from anywhere using their smartphone or voice assistant.

There are many reasons to install Z-Wave Plus automation at your property:

1. Enhanced Range and Reliability: Z-Wave Plus uses a more powerful wireless technology and has an increased range compared to the original Z-Wave. This results in a more stable and reliable home automation network.
2. Better Battery Life: Z-Wave Plus uses less power than the original Z-Wave, which means that batteries in Z-Wave Plus devices last longer.
3. Increased Functionality: Z-Wave Plus has new features such as energy monitoring, improved security, and over-the-air updates, which allow for greater control and convenience.
4. Interoperability: Z-Wave Plus devices are backwards compatible with original Z-Wave devices, which means that they can work together and allow for the creation of a comprehensive smart home system.
5. Future-Proofing: Z-Wave Plus is an advanced technology that is likely to be supported for many years to come, making it a sound investment for anyone looking to future-proof their home automation system.