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GeoFOB - Remote 4-Button Keyfob (with GeoSeries™ Wireless Encryption)
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What is a Remote Alarm Keyfob?

Remote Keyfobs
for Arming/Disarming Security Systems!

A remote alarm keyfob is a device that allows you to arm or disarm your security system from a distance. The keyfob communicates with the security system using radio waves or other wireless technologies, allowing for a convenient way to manage your security system without having to remember a code or access the control panel directly. This can be particularly useful for individuals with mobility issues or for those who frequently need to arm or disarm their systems remotely.

Remote keyfobs are often designed to be small and lightweight enough to be carried on a keychain. Keychains with remote alarm keyfobs make it easy to arm and disarm the security system when entering or exiting your home or business.

The buttons on a remote alarm keyfob can vary depending on the manufacturer and type of security system. However, some common buttons may include:

1. Arm/Disarm Button: This button is usually the main button on the remote and is used to arm or disarm the system.
2. Panic Button: This button is used to activate the alarm immediately in case of an emergency.
3. Stay Button: This button allows you to arm certain parts of your security system (such as the perimeter doors and windows) while leaving others (such as motion sensors) unarmed.
4. Bypass Button: This button allows you to bypass certain zones that you don't want armed.
5. Chime Button: This button is used to turn on a chime that will sound whenever a door or window is opened while the system is armed.
6. Silent Alarm Button: This button activates a silent alarm that only alerts the GeoArm central monitoring station without sounding an audible alarm in your home.

Remote alarm keyfobs often use small and powerful lithium or alkaline batteries, such as CR2032 or CR2016 batteries. The specific type of battery will depend on the manufacturer and model of the keyfob. These batteries are designed to provide long-lasting power to the keyfob without having to worry about the battery running out quickly. The lifespan of the battery can vary depending on the frequency of use and other factors, but they typically last a few years before needing replacement.