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5883H - Resideo Honeywell Home High-Security Alarm Transceiver
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Honeywell Home Wireless 5800-Series Description:

The Honeywell Home 5800-Series is the most flexible, convenient and cost effective wireless security in the industry, with over 100 million devices installed trouble-free. The 5800 sensors utilize 345 MHz to transmit data within a nominal range of 200 feet. The 345 MHz narrow band has very low power and low frequency traffic.

The 5800-Series is a dynamic line of products that combine security and lifestyle benefits for the connected consumer that has with stood the test of time. This series of products enhance life safety, protect outdoor valuables, prevent theft and enhance end-user awareness. Batteries in the wireless transmitters may last 4-7 years, depending on the environment, usage and the specific wireless device being used. Each supervised transmitter sends a supervisory signal to the receiver every 70-90 minutes.

The 5800 sensors use ASK (Audio Shift Keying) as its transmission method. The message is 64-bits in length with 16 bits for CRC and 24 bits used for the transmitters unique serial number. There are 16 million serial numbers available eliminating the possibility for duplication. On alarm, transmitter messages are transmitted 10 times per event. The spacing between repeated messages is different for each transmitter to avoid any potential clashes with other transmitters.

An excellent complement to 5800-Series wireless technology, Resideo Total Connect Remote Services ties all the devices in consumers' homes and businesses together on one platform being able to control the property with a single app anytime, anywhere on their everyday smart devices.

AlarmClub never locks our customers out of the system programming and gives DiYer's the option to how they want their sensors to be programmed into their 5800-Series compatible security systems.

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