IS2500LT - Honeywell Home Hardwired Intellisense Low-Temperature Motion Detector

IS2500LT - Honeywell Home Hardwired Intellisense Low-Temperature Motion Detector
IS2500LT - Honeywell Home Hardwired Intellisense Low-Temperature Motion Detector
Item# CK-IS2500LT

Please Note: The Honeywell IS2500LT Intellisense low-temperature motion detector has been discontinued without replacement.

Honeywell Home IS2500LT Product Description:

The Honeywell IS25100LT is a low-temperature PIR motion detector. The IS25100LT protects an area of 100' (30m) x 20' (6m). The IS25100LT can operature in temperatures as low as -40 degrees making it ideal for sheds, barns, garages and warehouses.

The IS25100LT is a low-temperature motion detector that offers a trouble-free, out of the box emperience to simply the installation process and reduce time. With the passive infrared IS25100LT optimum performance is achieved using custom developed extended range Fresnel optics, look down, cover and wall tamper.

The IS25100LT PIR internally checks the PIR circuit every 10 minutes and signals trouble if six consecutive self tests fail - Temperature Compensation - continuously monitors temperature compensation signaling trouble on Temperature Compensation circuit failure.

Leading edge sensing technologies and a wide range of models to suit the requirements of most applications, the Honeywell IS25100TC motion detector will maximize intruder detection while diminishing false alarms.

Product Features:

  • Complete line: The three available coverage patterns 11/18/30 Meter models (35/60/100') can satisfy every installation, all with the same family look. With three versions, the un-tampered IS2500, the tampered IS2500T and fully featured IS2500TC, we have all the features needed for every installation.
  • Global Compliance: Our designs meet many of the world's motion detector standards, including the new EN50131-1 and TS50131-2-2 standards.
  • Easy Installation: The IS25100TC family contains 45° terminal blocks, EOL terminals and our new automatic walk test, making installation and testing a snap.
  • Selectable Sensitivity: Two DIP switches make it easy to adjust the sensitivity and adequately protect the premises. Four different levels are available. Each setting modifies either the PIR pulse count or the alarm threshold, allowing the installer utmost flexibility.
  • Flexible Mountings: Mounts on walls, in corners or on ceilings, with heights from 2.3-2.7 meters (7'6" to 9'). The IS2500 works with the SMB10 family of swivel brackets.
  • Low temperature version: With the IS2500LT (low temp), there is now a product that can be used in cold environments to temperatures as low as -40°C. Applications include but are not limited to unheated sheds, garages, warehouses, etc.
  • False Alarm Immunity: Designed to meet false alarm standards including SIA, EN50131-1 and TS50131-2-2. Microprocessor control helps filter out real signals from false sources. Our patented Black Bug Guard improves falses due to bright lights.
  • Easier Maintenance: Easy to maintain when installed with remote test and alarm memory features.
  • Uniform Sensitivity Optics: Custom designed Fresnel lenses help detect intruders at the edge of the protected area as easily as an intruder is directly in front of the sensor.
  • Patented Mirror Look Down: Provides better coverage up close with multiple zones in the look down area.
  • Product Warranty: Backed by Honeywell's 2-year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • All three lenses included: 11m x 12m (35' x 40'), 18m x 26m (60' x 85'), 30m x 6m (100' x 20')
  • 45° terminal blocks
  • DIP switch programming
  • Automatic walk test mode
  • Four sensitivity settings
  • Uniform sensitivity optics
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Form C Relay
  • Totally silent tamper proof relay
  • Case and wall tamper

Honeywell Home IS2500LT Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 11.2 W x 6.0 H x 4.0 D cm (4-3/8" x 2-1/4" x 1-1/2")
  • Weight: 87g (3.1oz.), Packaged product 154g (5.4oz.)
  • Color: White
  • Operating Temperature: 14°F to 131°F (-10°C to 55°C)
  • Relative Humidity: 5 to 95&per; non-condensing
  • Temperature Compensation: Advanced Dual Slope
  • Arm/Test Inputs: Selectable polarity
  • Includes: Mounting hardware, Lens Masking, Look Down Mask
  • Include Lens: 35, 60 and 100 foot lenses
  • Ideal Locations: Ideal for garages, sheds, warehouses, etc.
  • Range: 30m x 6m (100' x 20')
  • Power Requirements: 8.5-15.4VDC
  • Detection Method: Dual Element Passive Infrared
  • Sensitivity: Switch selectable; Lowest, Low, Medium, High
  • Mounting Height: 2.3m to 2.7m (7'6" to 9')
  • Alarm Relay: IS2500/T = Form A (normally closed), 30mA, 24VDC, 40 ohms resistance max - IS2500TC = Form C (normally open/closed), 30mA, 24VDC, 40 ohms resistance max
  • Tamper Switch: Front (IS2500T) and Cover/Back (IS2500TC) = Form A (normally closed), 30mA, 24VDC
  • Detection Zones: 16 zones (four long range, four intermediate, four lower, four look-down)
  • RFI Immunity: 30 V/m, 10 MHz-1000 MHz
  • PIR White Light Immunity: Up to 6,500 Lux typical

Honeywell Home IS2500LT Product Compatibility:

• Hardwired Control Panels (works universally across brands)
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