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30913 - LifeSentry Lock Box

30913 - LifeSentry Lock Box
The lock box from LogicMark allows you to provide easy access to emergency responders in the event of a medical alert emergency. You will provide AlarmClub with the (4) digit code to your lock box during the account setup process of your Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) monitoring account. When your LifeSentry system is activated and you request medical response through your two-way voice personal pendant or your two-way voice wall communicator, the AlarmClub operator will be able to provide your lock box code to the emergency responders so that they don't have to break down your door to enter your property.

All LogicMark equipment is covered by their (1) year limited warranty.

LogicMark Lock Box AlarmClub Recommendation:
AlarmClub recommends at least (1) lock box for every LifeSentry system. The lock box gives emergency responders easy access to your home in the event of a medical emergency. You should keep a spare key in your LogicMark lock box and attach the lock box to your door or other secured fixture (stair railing).