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37920 - LifeSentry Medical Alert Two-Way Voice Wall Communicator

37920 - LifeSentry Medical Alert Two-Way Voice Wall Communicator
The two-way voice emergency wall communicator can be added as an optional accessory for the LifeSentry medical alert PERS base station. The emergency wall communicator provides you with full two-way voice communications with AlarmClub's central station so that you can ask for emergency responders in the event of a medical emergency. The wall communicator is wireless and water-resistant so that you can install it nearly anywhere. The unit is powered by (4) AAA alkaline batteries. It will operate for 10 months in standby mode and for five hours during active two-way voice communications. The emergency wall communicator is also fully supervised. It checks in with your LifeSentry base station every thirteen hours. In the event of a power outage (after 8 hours), communicator low battery or loss of RF signal (for more than 52 hours), the system will send a supervision trouble signal to AlarmClub's central station.

All LogicMark equipment is covered by their (1) year limited warranty.

Two-Way Voice Emergency Wall Communicator AlarmClub Recommendation:
AlarmClub recommends installing a wall communicator on the wall next to your bed and inside your shower. You will then be able to initiate a two-way call with AlarmClub's central station no matter where you are when a medical emergency arises. Keep in mind that you can only have a maximum of (4) two-way voice devices (pendant or wall communicator) for each LifeSentry base station.