2GIG-FT6e-345 - 2GIG Wireless Encrypted Flood Detector (for eSeries Control Panels)

2GIG-FT6e-345 - 2GIG Wireless Encrypted Flood Detector (for eSeries Control Panels)
2GIG-FT6e-345 - 2GIG Wireless Encrypted Flood Detector (for eSeries Control Panels)
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2GIG-FT6e-345 Product Description:

The 2GIG-FT6e-345 is a wireless eSeries encrypted water leak detector designed to work with 2GIG GC2e, GC3e or EDGE control panels. The 2GIG-FT6e-345 provides timely notifications before costly water damage and flooding happens. The 2GIG-FT6e-345 contains a water tight housing that delivers drip, flood, and ambient temperature change notifications. With water damage being the #1 residential insurance claim, the 2GIG-FT6e-345 is intended to limit the damage that water can cause to your home or business. The water leak detector is simple to install with no screws or tools needed. It is recommended you install the 2GIG-FT6e-345 near washing machine, water heater, sink, toilet, bathtub, shower, dishwasher, dryer or under any U-shaped pipe that may be prone to leaking.

Once the detector probe detects the presence of water, the integral transmitter will immediately send a loop 3 wet alarm transmission to the panel. The detector will also send a restore (dry) report when the presence of water is no longer detected. The detector is capable of detecting clean or dirty fresh water, salt water and tap water. The 2GIG-FT6e-345 utilizes a unique design that can detect leaks dripping onto its top or if there is water under the device. This dual sensing technology is perfect for placement under P Traps or hoses that may leak, giving a warning just as the leak starts. If a leak occurs at a different location, it will also be detected when the water is sensed under the device.

Metal contacts on the top and bottom of the 2GIG-FT6e-345 detector can detect the presence of water. Be certain to place the detector in a manner that does not impede the detector's ability to detect water. Please note, do not place the 2GIG-FT6e-345 on a metal or conductive surface. In areas where the detector could be accidentally moved, secure the detector in place with the provided double sided adhesive tape. Please note, make sure you secure the tape without covering any of the three metal contacts.

In addition to being a water leak detector, the 2GIG-FT6e-345 can also sense environment temperature changes. If the temperature is more than 95° F (35°C) for three (3) minutes, the detector will send a loop 2 transmission. If the temperature is less than 95°F (35°C) for three (3) minutes, the detector will send a loop 2 clear. If the temperature is less than 41°F (5°C) for three (3) minutes, the detector will send a loop 1 transmission. In the temperature is more than 41°F (5°C) three (3) minutes, the detector will send a loop 1 clear.

Product Features:

  • Provides dual source protection against water leaks
  • Drip notification when placed under a leaking water source
  • Hot and Cold ambient temperature warnings
  • Notification when pooled water is present
  • Sends a notification if water is detected where it doesn't belong
  • Easy installation. No screws or tools needed
  • Ships with long life lithium battery life (typical battery life of 5 years)
  • 345 MHz frequency
  • eSeries encryption
  • Compatible with 2GIG GC2e and GC3e control panels
  • ETL listed

2GIG-FT6e-345 Product Specifications:

  • Wireless Signal Range: 350 ft (106.7m), open air with Wireless Control Panel
  • Transmitter Frequency: 345 MHz (crystal controlled)
  • Compatibility: 2GIG & Honeywell
  • Supervisory Interval: 70 minutes
  • Operating Temperature: 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)
  • Operating Relative Humidity: 5 to 95%, non-condensing
  • Temperature Thresholds: High: 95°F (35°C), Low: 41°F (5°C)
  • Battery (included): CR123A 3V Lithium battery
  • Projected Battery Life: 5 years
  • Dimensions: 2.4" Diameter, 1.3" High

2GIG-FT6e-345 Product Includes:

  • (1) 2GIG Leak Detector
  • (1) CR123A 3V Lithium Battery
  • (1) Double Sided Adhesive Tape
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