4208U - Honeywell Home Hardwired 8-Zone Expansion Module

4208U - Honeywell Home Hardwired 8-Zone Expansion Module
4208U - Honeywell Home Hardwired 8-Zone Expansion Module
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Honeywell Home 4208U Product Description:

The Honeywell 4208U is a zone expander module adds up to eight (8) normally closed or eight end-of-line resistor supervised zones to compatible control/communicators that support V-Plex loop devices. The 4208U is recommended for commercial systems (e.g. VISTA 50P, VISTA 128BPT and VISTA 250BPT) when deploying conventional detectors in an ECP zone expandable system.

The 4208U wired expander is ideal for expanding existing hardwired installations without needing to change out the existing alarm control panel. The 4208U is a great addition to any compatible Honeywell wired security system or Honeywell hybrid security system. It is housed in a white plastic case for wall mounting and can be mounted in a universal alarm can. If the 4208U is remotely mounted, there are provisions that tamper protect the unit so that it cannot be disconnected from the control panel wiring without detection by the Honeywell security system.

The 4208U expansion module may be mounted within the control's cabinet (if room permits), or remotely. If mounted remotely, there are provisions to tamper protect the unit. Communication to the module is supervised so that it cannot be disconnected from the keypad wiring without detection by the control. If the wiring is cut, a tamper alarm or signal will result, to indicate that this device (and possibly other similarly connected devices) has become inoperative.

Product Features:

  • Can be used on controls that support up to 250 zones
  • Can be optionally powered from an external DC power supply to reduce the amount of current draw from the polling loop
  • Uniquely identifies eight EOLR supervised zones (all zones use 10K resistors, supplied)
  • DIP Switches can be used to set zone numbers or serial numbers
  • When used in the serial number mode, each serial number in the selected group can be assigned to any zone number
  • Loops A & B can be programmed for fast (10msec) response
  • Provides cover tamper protection, which may be enabled or disabled via on-board DIP Switches
  • Backed by Honeywell's 2-year limited manufacturer's warranty

Honeywell Home 4208U Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 6-7/16" W X 4-1/4"H X 1-1/4"D (163mm X 108mm X 32mm)
  • Electrical Polling Loop Input: 7.3 - 14VDC range
  • Electrical Current Draw: 28.6mA max. External power and polling loop.
  • External Power Input: 12VDC @ 28mA (from control panel's auxiliary power)
  • Sensor Loop Response (Slow): 400 msec (all loops)
  • Sensor Loop Response (Fast): 10msec (option for loops A and B)
  • Sensor Loop Current: Polling loop input = 11VDC, no external power input):0.52mA (normal), 1.3mA (shorted)
  • Sensor Loop Max. Current: Up to 300 ohms of wire resistance + 10K EOLR
  • Agency Listings: UL 985 Household Fire, UL 1023 Household Burglary, UL 609 Commercial Burglary, UL 864 Commercial Fire, CSFM, FM, CUL, CE (requires #N6361)

Honeywell Home 4208U Product Compatibility:

• Honeywell VISTA-Series controls that support up to 250 zones (that support V-Plex loop devices)
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