5853 - Resideo Honeywell Home Wireless Glassbreak Detector (for 345 MHz Control Panels)

5853 - Resideo Honeywell Home Wireless Glassbreak Detector (for 345 MHz Control Panels)
5853 - Resideo Honeywell Home Wireless Glassbreak Detector (for 345 MHz Control Panels)
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Honeywell 5853 Product Description:

The Honeywell Home 5853 wireless glassbreak detector offers uncompromised performance and unmatched false alarm immunity. The FlexGuard® signal processor utilizes an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) processing sound data in parallel rather than sequentially. This permits sound frequency, duration and amplitude to be analyzed 50&per; faster to minimize false alarms while maintaining the highest possible level of detection. The 5853 can be mounted on any wall or ceiling within a 25' range, with no minimum range limitation. The LEDs indicate test mode, alarms and trouble conditions. It is compatible with all 5800-Series wireless devices.

The 5853 detector with transmitter senses the sound of breaking plate, tempered, laminated, wired, coated, and sealed insulating glass. The self-contained detector includes a transmitter that can send alarms, tamper signals, and low battery messages to the control panel. The sensor is compatible with 5800-series wireless hardware, and is designed for continuous operation using one 3V lithium battery (CR-123A or equivalent; included).

Before mounting the detector permanently, test it to ensure that it functions satisfactorily in the chosen mounting location. Verify that the detector can detect glasssbreak sounds, following the directions in the "Testing the Detector" section of the installation guide. Ensure that the 5853 is within range of the receiver, following the instructions for the signal-strength test found in the control panel's installation instructions. If the detector fails, relocate it and repeat both tests. Choose a mounting location that is at least 2.1 (7 feet) from floor and no more than 7.6m (25 feet) from the farthest protected glass. Be sure the detector has an unobstructed line-of-sight to the protected glass. The 5853 glassbreak should not be mounted within 1 m (3.3 feet) from forced air ducts, sirens or bells greater than 5 cm (2 inches in diameter. Also, never mount the 5853 between the protected glass and any heavy window coverings that may be present. Alternatively, when heavy window coverings are present, the 5853 can be mounted on the frame of the window. Avoid mounting the 5853 on the same wall as the protected glass, on free-standing posts or pillars, or in rooms with noisy equipment (air compressors, bells, power tools, etc.), if this equipment is operated when the detector is armed. Lastly, If the device is ceiling mouted, the end with the hole (microphone end) should face the protected glass.

Product Features:

  • Test mode can be activated remotely with FG-701 Tester
  • Four selectable sensitivity settings (Max, Medium, Low and Lowest)
  • FlexCore™ signal processor
  • Senses the sound of a variety of glass (tempered, wired, laminate,ordinary plate, etc.)
  • Hinged-case styling nearly 180° opening
  • Test mode can be activated remotely with FG-701 Tester
  • 25' range/no minimum range
  • Four selectable sensitivity settings (Max, Medium, Low and Lowest)
  • Senses the sound of a variety of glass (tempered, wired, laminate,ordinary plate, etc.)
  • Sleek design with front and back case tamper
  • Ten year battery life with easily replaceable batteries
  • Transmits supervisory, low battery and tamper messages to control panel
  • Protected circuit board
  • Wireless 345MHz transmitter frequency
  • Compatible with Honeywell 5800-Series wireless receivers and transceivers
  • Backed by Honeywell's 2-year limited manufacturer's warranty

Honeywell 5853 Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 4.95" H x 3.09" W x 1.1" D (12cm x 7.8cm x 2.8cm)
  • Weight: 4.41oz (125g)
  • Case Color: White
  • Operating Temperature: 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C)
  • Plate Glass: 0.09-0.38in (2.4-10mm)
  • Tempered Glass: 0.13-0.38in (3-10mm)
  • Laminated Glass: 0.13-0.38in (3-10mm)
  • Wired Glass: 0.25in (6mm)
  • Coated Glass: 0.13-0.25in (3-6.4mm)
  • Sealed Insulating Glass: 0.13-0.25in (3-6mm)
  • Power: Two 3V Batteries (included)
  • Replacement Batteries: Replace only with ADEMCO # 466, Panasonic® CR123A, Sanyo® CR123A, Duracell® DL123A, or Varta CR123A (Lithium Manganese Dioxide)
  • Range: 25' (7.6 meters) maximum fromf arthest protected glass
  • MAX Sensitivity: 7.6m (25ft) approximate range {SENS1 OFF and SENS2 OFF}
  • MEDIUM Sensitivity: 4.6m (15ft) approximate range {SENS1 ON and SENS2 OFF}
  • LOW Sensitivity: 3m (10ft) approximate range {SENS1 OFF and SENS2 ON}
  • LOWEST Sensitivity: 1.5m (5ft) approximate range {SENS1 ON and SENS2 ON}

Honeywell 5853 Product Compatibility:

• 466
• FG-700
• GBS-7
• 5882H
• XL20
• L5100
• L5100-SIA
• L7000
• L5200
• L5200-CN
• L7000-CN
• L7000LA
• 6152RF
• 6162RF
• 5800
• L5210
• L5210-CN
• L5210LA
• FA245RF
• FA270RF
• FA570RF
• FA210RF
• FA260RF
• 6150RF
• 6150RFFR
• 5800RP
• 5881ENH
• 5881ENHC
• 5881ENL
• 5881ENM
• 6160RF
• 5881H
• 5881L
• 5881M
• 5883H
• 6128RF
• DESTINY-6100
• L3000-SP
• L5000
• L5000-CN
• L5000-SIA
• L3000
• L3000-CN
• L3000-FR
• L3000-SIA
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