5875 - Resideo Honeywell Home Wireless Lamp Module

5875 - Resideo Honeywell Home Wireless Lamp Module
5875 - Resideo Honeywell Home Wireless Lamp Module
Item# 5875

Please Note: The Honeywell 5875 wireless RF lamp module has been discontinued without replacement.

Honeywell 5875 Product Description:

The Honeywell 5875 is a RF standalone light control plug-in module for Honeywell security systems. The 5875 lamp module does not require X-10, and allows for lights to be turned-on and turned off. Statistics show that lighing is a deterrent to crime. With the 5875 you can avoid tripping and falling when entering a dark home. The module plugs into any 110 outlet. You can control multiple modules with the same remote. Add up to 7 remotes to each lamp module.

Simply plug the module into the outlet that your lamp is currently plugged into, and then plug the lamp into the module. Press and hold the program button on the module until the lamp turns on, continue to hold until the lamp turns back off and then release the button. After you release the button and the lamp turns back on, wait one second and press the button on your 5804 or 5804BDV that you want to control the lamp. If it was learned in correctly, the lamp should turn off and stay off. You can now use the button on your keyfob to turn the lamp on and off. (If the lamp goes off, but then comes back on the module was not programmed correctly; repeat the enrollment process to program it correctly.)

If your lamp does not turn on when you press and hold the program button on the 5875 module, turn the lamp on using the lamp switch. Once the lamp is on, press the module button once. The lamp should turn off. Once the lamp is off, follow the instructions above starting with "Press and hold the program button on the module until the lamp turns on".

It is important to keep the keyfob at least (5) feet from the 5875 module both when programming the keyfob and also when using the keyfob to control the 5875 lamp module.

Product Features:

Honeywell 5875 Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 4.5" L x 2.75" W x 0.5" D
  • Case Color: White
  • Remotes Supported: 7
  • Operating Frequency: 345MHz
  • RF Receiving Limits: Transmission range varies with different keyfob devices, but most BR devices will transmit 50ft.
  • Maximum Power Rating: 500watts Tungsten or Flourescent 120vac 60hz
  • Agency: UL, ATNZ.E223667 Appliance Controls ATNZ7.E223667 Appliance Controls Certified for Canada

Honeywell 5875 Product Compatibility:

• 5802
• 5804
• 5804BD
• 5804BDV
• 5878
• 5800
Q & A's :

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