FG730 - Honeywell Home Hardwired Intellisense Glassbreak Detector

FG730 - Honeywell Home Hardwired Intellisense Glassbreak Detector
FG730 - Honeywell Home Hardwired Intellisense Glassbreak Detector
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Honeywell FG730 Product Description:

The Honeywell FlexGuard® FG730 incorporates the most reliable, field-proven technology available setting the industry standard in hardwired glassbreak detectors.

The FG730 is a dual technology glassbreak detector that uses flex detection and audio discrimination to detect breaking glass. The flex and audio technologies are sensitive to different frequencies. The flex technology is sensitive to ultra low frequencies, the type generated by a blow to a glass window. The audio technology detects the frequency of breaking glass.

The audio technology remains off until the flex technology detects a blow to the glass. For an alarm condition to occur, the audio must detect the frequency of breaking glass within a defined time-window after the flex detects a blow to the glass. Because both technologies must detect and verify glass breakage, false alarms are virtually eliminated.

The FG730 can be mounted on walls, in corners, even on false or suspended ceilings. Refer to the guidelines below when selecting a mounting location. The unit must have a direct line of sight to, and a clear view of, the protected glass. Locate the FG730 within 30' (9 m) of the glass to be protected. Curtains, blinds, and other window coverings will absorb energy from breaking glass. Heavy curtains, for example, will effectively block the sound signal. In these cases, mount the unit on the window frame behind the window covering, or above the window. Make sure to test the unit thoroughly for proper detection. Do not mount the unit in front of air ducts or forced air fans, or close to bells measuring 2" (5 cm) or larger in diameter.

The FG730 should be used accordingly (Minimum to Maximum);
Plate - 2.4mm (3-32") - 6.4mm (1/4")
Tempered - 3mm (1-8") - 6.4mm (1/4")
Laminated - 3mm (1-8") - 14.3mm (9/16")
Wired - 6.4mm (1-4") - 6.4mm (1/4")
Coated - 3.2mm (1-8") - 6.4mm (1/4")
Sealed - 3.2mm (1-8") - 6.4mm (1/4")
Insulating - Maximum overall 7/16"

The FG-730 is specifically designed to allow a fast, easy installation, while the adjustable sensitivity settings can compensate for the acoustics of any room. Optimum operation can be quickly verified using the FG701 Glassbreak Simulator.

Product Features:

  • Field Proven Design - The world's best selling glassbreak detector.
  • Dual Technology Flex-Audio Principle - Positively detects and confirms breaking glass by analyzing both "flex" (impact) and "audio" (shattering) frequencies. For an alarm to occur the flex signal must be followed by an audio signal within a prescribed time frame.
  • Signal Verification - Both flex and audio signals must register valid amplitude, duration and frequency for an alarm to occur.
  • Signal Filtering - Thorough filtering and processing of all signals provides greater immunity to false alarms.
  • Broad Range - Detects glass breakage from distances up to 30' (9 m). The FlexGuard FG-730 detector sets the industry standard in glassbreak detectors.
  • Dual Flex/Audio Technology - Provides excellent catch performance while virtually eliminating false alarms.
  • Indicator LEDs - LED alarm indicator for testing flex and audio technologies.
  • Burst Rejection Circuit - Ignores short flex/audio noise burst signals present in some environments.
  • Circuit Protection - Prevents shorts, overloads and reverse-polarity connections from causing damage.
  • Alarm Memory - Alarm LED can be set to latch upon alarm; helps identify which unit alarmed in multiple detector applications.
  • RFI Immunity - 100 watts at 3m (10') from all mobile bands 27 - 1000 MHz.
  • Easy Installation and Set-Up - Mount within 9m (30') of the glass to be protected. (Can be adjusted to suit characteristics of each location.)
  • Low Voltage Operation - 10-14VDC
  • Low Current Draw - 25mA at 12VDC

Honeywell FG730 Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 3-7/8" H x 2-2/5" W x 4/5" D (10cm x 6.2cm x 2cm)
  • Color: White, high impact, ABS plastic housing
  • Weight: 85 g (3 oz)
  • Operating Temperature: 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C)
  • Range: 9 m (30')
  • Alarm Relay: Form C, 500mA max, 30VDC max
  • Mounting Locations: Ceiling, opposite wall, adjoining wall, same wall as glass
  • Tamper Switch: Form A (NC) 50mA, 30VDC
  • Power Requirements: 10-14VDC 25mA at 12VDC
  • Set-Up Tester: FG-701 Glassbreak SimulatorAlso works with FG-700 Glassbreak Simulator
  • Approvals and Listings: UL Listed
  • Glass Type/Thickness: Minimum size for all glass types is 11" x 11" (28 cm x 28 cm) square; glass must be framed in the wall of the room or mounted in a barrier of 36" (.9 m) minimum width.

Honeywell FG730 Product Compatibility:

• Hardwired Control Panels (works universally across brands)
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