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Non-Interactive vs. Interactive Monitoring Comparison

The main differences between non-interactive alarm monitoring and interactive alarm monitoring services are:

Non-interactive alarm monitoring: This is the industry standard monitoring service where your home security system sends alerts to the AlarmClub monitoring center if an alarm is triggered, such as a break-in, fire or carbon monoxide detection. Typically, the monitoring center operator will then attempt to contact you or your emergency contacts to verify if the alarm was a false alarm, or if further action is required. If the operator is unable to contact you or your emergency contacts (adhering to two call verification to reduce false alarms), then they will dispatch the authorities to your home. Please take note, that this type of monitoring service does not allow you to remotely monitor or control your home security system using a smartphone app or web portal.

Interactive alarm monitoring: This is an added monitoring service that gives homeowners the ability to remotely manage and control their home security systems using a smartphone app or web portal. With AlarmClub powered interactive monitoring, homeowners can receive real-time notifications and alerts on their phones, view live video feeds from their security cameras, arm or disarm their security systems, and control other smart home devices like locks, lights, and thermostats from their mobile devices. Additionally, our interactive monitoring services also include our 24/7 professional monitoring center, where trained operators will dispatch the authorities (following non-interactive "two-call verification" monitoring protocol) in case of a security breach or emergency.

In summary, with both types of services, your home is being monitored 24/7 by AlarmClub's central monitoring station. This means that if an alarm is triggered while you are away, someone will always be on hand to respond quickly and take the appropriate action. Having a central station monitoring service, with or without interactive services, provides added security and peace of mind, which can help to reduce the incidence of burglaries and false alarms.

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