Honeywell Residential Home Video Surveillance Services with 7-Days Storage (Powered by Resideo's Total Connect 2.0 App)

Honeywell Residential Home Video Surveillance Services with 7-Days Storage (Powered by Resideo's Total Connect 2.0 App)
Honeywell Residential Home Video Surveillance Services with 7-Days Storage (Powered by Resideo's Total Connect 2.0 App)
Activation: $50.00
Our Setup: $10.00
Honeywell Home Video Surveillance Plan:  Video Storage Capability: 

Honeywell Video Surveillance Description

With Honeywell Home video solutions, you can keep an eye on your family, and property using the Total Connect app that is compatible with any iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ smart device. This Honeywell residential home video surveillance service plan comes with seven (7) days of video storage. From the comfort of your couch, you can look in on your home or business with live, streaming video feeds from up to eight (8) Honeywell Home security cameras. You can also review the video events, remotely move pan/tilt cameras, record video clips of current views and see live security system status 24/7 directly on your TV.

Real-Time Awareness
Get iOS push notifications, email, text and video alerts to know what happens in real time. You can customize notifications by time, day or motion detection so you only view the events you want to.

Live, Look-in Video
-View live video on up to eight cameras at a time a great way to keep an eye on your home, family or business.
-See, hear and speak to visitors at your door, arm or disarm the security system and unlock or lock the door all from the same screen via the Honeywell Total Connect iOS app.
-View video doorbell activity in the Total Connect app events log.
-Monitor vulnerable spots like entrances, exits, patios, pool areas and stockrooms.
-Remotely move pan/tilt cameras to see different views of an area.

Mobile App
Use our free app to interact with your video solutions 24/7 on your iOS and Android™ devices. It supports Touch ID™ a fingerprint recognition feature available for iPhone® and iPad® users.

Apple TV® App
Our app makes it easy for Apple TV owners to keep an eye on the things that matter most right from the world’s most popular, dynamic television interface.

Honeywell Video Surveillance FAQ's

Honeywell Home Video Frequently Asked Questions:

Below is a list of the frequently asked questions for Honeywell Total Connect video surveillance services.

How many cameras can I stream at once, and can I stream cameras in separate windows?
You can stream up to 8 cameras at once (providing you have the required bandwidth). Yes, individual cameras are streamed in separate windows.

How much bandwidth will I use if I stream multiple cameras?
You will use approximately 768 Kbps per camera.

How do I test how much bandwidth I have?
Do a search on your home or work PC for a free local bandwidth test site. You are measuring your upload speed, such as www.speedtest.net.

If I close my browser while streaming a pan tilt camera will I lose functionality of the camera?
The camera will continue to stream, but you will not be able to pan/tilt, enlarge, turn on light or do a full pan of the room (buttons are inoperable).

What happens if I leave my camera streaming?
Your camera stream will time out after 30 minutes without activity in the streaming window (running your mouse cursor over the stream window will reset the timer).

What version(s) of the Total Connect app supports the enhanced viewer?
The enhanced viewer is supported on Total Connect 2.0 and later versions.

How do I obtain the enhanced viewer if I have an existing account?
If you have Total Connect 2.0, the enhanced viewer will appear when you login to your account.

What is the process for setting up the iPCAMs?
You will need an active Honeywell® Total Connect account number. The IP security cameras are plug and play.

How does your remote service for the camera work?
An active Honeywell account will enable you to enroll your IP security camera and view your property via the Total Connect app.

Do we have video storage?
Yes, we have 500MB storage, this equates to approximately 500 clips with first in, first out service logic.

Will captured video and live video be viewable from a mobile device?
Yes, live, streaming video can be viewed from an Android™, iPhone® or iPad® mobile device using the Honeywell Total Connect mobile application.

How many cameras can I install per Honeywell Total Connect account?
You can install eight (8) cameras per location per Honeywell Total Connect account.

Can live video be viewed from a mobile device?
Yes, streaming video can be viewed using the Total Connect mobile application.

How do you view recorded clips?
Clips will be viewable in the event history page of the website. It will be a click-to-play item on each video-related event.
Q & A's :

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