HSM3105MX - Qolsys DSC MX Addressable Hardwired Expansion Module (for IQ Pro Control Panel)

HSM3105MX - Qolsys DSC MX Addressable Hardwired Expansion Module (for IQ Pro Control Panel)
HSM3105MX - Qolsys DSC MX Addressable Hardwired Expansion Module (for IQ Pro Control Panel)
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HSM3105MX Product Description:

The Qolsys DSC HSM3105MX MX Addressable Hardwired Expansion Module is intended to provide MX addressable device expansion to IQ Pro hybrid control panels. The HSM4105MX module allows for easy expansion of your security system by providing additional zones and outputs. This module is addressable, meaning it can be programmed with a unique address to easily identify and control it within your system. It is hardwired, ensuring a reliable and secure connection.

The HSM3105MX module connects to the panel using the Corbus interface and provides connectivity for two 2-wire MX addressable buses that devices are connected to. The two MX buses which are left and right can be configured as a single loop or as separate left and right spurs. Only mount the HSM3105 module in an external enclosure a long with one of the following approved auxiliary power supply units, HSM2204, HSM2300. The power supply unit provides power to the HSM3105 module and the MX loop. The Corbus wire runs between the control panel and the HSM3105 must not exceed 3 ft. using 22 AWG wire.

The HSM3105 is designed to handle a maximum allowable MX loop current draw of 400 mA @ 40 V (equivalent to 1600 mA @ 11.3 V or 1500 mA @ 12.5 V). Please note, the HSM2300 and HSM2204 can only provide up to 228 mA @ 40 V (1000 mA @ 12.5 V) or 260 mA @ 40 V (1000 mA @ 11.3 V).

Product Features:

  • Maximum of 126 Devices
  • Corbus Wire Distance 3 Ft Max between the panel and the module (22AWG Wire)
  • ROHS Compliant
  • Inputs for connecting a tamper switch when installed in a separate enclosure (Required for UL/ULC)
  • Support for Both Two Wire and Four Wire Configurations
  • Support for Line T-Tapping/Spurs
  • Compatible with IQ Pro
  • It Can be Installed in the IQ Pro Enclosure or Separately
  • High Power and Low Power Modes
  • Installation with IQ Installer
  • Load Configuration Using a Linked Spreadsheet

HSM3105MX Product Specifications:

  • Board Dimensions: 3.25" x 5.7" in (83 x 145 mm)
  • Operating Temperature: 14°F to 131°F (-10°C to 55°C)
  • Relative Humidity: 5% to 93% RH non-condensing
  • Board Current Draw: 100 mA (with no devices on the MX loop) + MX Loop cureent draw (depending on the connected loop devices)
  • Corbus Wire Distance: 3 ft. Max between the panel and the module
  • Input Rating: 11.3 to 12.5 VDC / 350 mA to 325 mA (provided by the alarm controller)
    Note: Higher loading is possible when using a separate power supply
  • This equipment must be installed by skilled service persons in non-hazardous, indoor locations.
  • You can add a maximum of 126 devices to the HSM3105.

  • Note: For applications where the MX loop current loading exceeds 67 mA @ 40 V, use approved external power supply models HSM2300 or HSM2204.

HSM3105MX Product Enclosures:

  • HSC3010C
  • HSC3010CR
  • HSC3030CAR
  • HSC3020C
  • HSC3001C
  • HSC3001CP
  • HSC3020CP
  • PC4050CAR
  • PC4050CR
  • PC5003C

HSM3105MX Product Compatibility:

  • MX945 - Addressable Universal Input Devices
  • MX916 - Addressable Smoke Heat Detector with Base
  • MX862 - Addressable Ceiling-Mount PIR Motion Detector
  • MX920 - Line Isolator Module
  • MX922 - Addressable Glassbreak Detector
  • MX926 - Addressable Smoke Detector with Base
  • MX936 - Addressable Heat Detector with Base
  • MX975 - Addressable Door/Window Contact Sensor
  • MX974 - Addressable PIR Motion Detector with Pet Immunity
  • MXBASE - Addressable 4" Continuity Fire Base

Note: For the MX920 device, the alarm current (16mA) is due to a loop fault. This fault occurs when the isolator is triggered. (loop in short condition)
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