ILP5 - Resideo Honeywell Home Ethernet Alarm Communicator (for LYNX Touch-Series Control Panels)

ILP5 - Resideo Honeywell Home Ethernet Alarm Communicator (for LYNX Touch-Series Control Panels)
ILP5 - Resideo Honeywell Home Ethernet Alarm Communicator (for LYNX Touch-Series Control Panels)
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Honeywell ILP5 Alarm Communicator:

The Honeywell ILP5 is an optional AlarmNet broadband internet alarm monitoring communicator for the Honeywell LYNX Touch series alarm control panels. The ILP5 was originally designed to be used with the L5000 or the L5100 control panel, however both were discontinued. The ILP5 nowadays is used with the newer L5200, L5210 or the L7000 LYNX Touch wireless control panels. The ILP5 internet alarm communicator is a member of the AlarmNet alternative alarm communicator family. All AlarmNet alternative alarm communicators provide you with an option to have your home security system monitored by a central station, such as AlarmClub, without needing to pay for traditional phone service. The ILP5 uses your broadband internet service to transmit your security system's alarm signals to AlarmNet's servers which then forward them on directly to AlarmClub central station.

Many people are choosing to adopt voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service as a substitute for traditional phone service as it is normally less expensive. Unfortunately, these people will often fail to realize that their home security system was utilizing their home phone service and therefore will not work reliably with their VoIP service. The AlarmNet broadband internet alarm communicator bypasses the need for any kind of phone service at all. Simply plug an Ethernet cable into an open port on your router and connect the other end to the RJ45 connector on the ILP5 internet communicator. As long as your router is powered on and your internet service is working, all alarm signals generated by your LYNX Touch L5200 or L7000 home security system will be transmitted to AlarmClub's central station via your broadband internet service. The Honeywell ILP5 fits perfectly inside the plastic enclosure of your LYNX Touch L5200 or L7000 alarm control panel making installation as easy as possible. The internet alarm communicator is powered by the LYNX Touch control panel and will even work when the LYNX Touch is being powered by its backup battery during a power outage. (Of course, you would need your modem and router connected to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) so that your internet service is still live during the power outage.)

The ILP5 not only provides broadband internet alarm monitoring services, it can also provides AlarmNet's Total Connect 2.0 interactive monitoring services. With this optional service, you are provided with a login for the Total Connect 2.0 website. From this website, you can remotely arm and disarm your LYNX Touch L5200/L7000 home security system through your ILP5 internet alarm communicator. If you leave for vacation and you are not sure if you armed your security system before leaving, simply pull up the Total Connect 2.0 app on your iPhone®, iPad®, Blackberry® or Android™ and you can arm your Honeywell L5200/L7000 with the touch of a button. The ILP5 can save you money by allowing you to eliminate your home phone bill and it keeps you in touch with your home security system like never before!

Honeywell internet security systems are extremely versatile and secure! The ability to install a system and have it send signals over the inexpensive broadband internet network is a wonderful thing. Whether you have a vacation home, remote warehouse or just simply do not have phone line or an expensive cellular communicator to be protected.

Product Features:

  • Secure IP reporting
  • Dialer Capture ready
  • Universal control panel compatibility
  • Full contact ID or ADEMCO® high speed reporting
  • Tamper protected enclosure
  • Remote services capability
  • Network friendly
  • Upload/download capability
  • UL listed

Honeywell ILP5 Product Specifications:

Full Contact ID or ADEMCO® High-Speed Reporting
  -Contact ID reporting using ECP mode with compatible Honeywell control panels or combined with optional dialer capture for non-ECP capable control panels.

256-bit AES Encryption
  -Advanced encryption standard used for secure communications.

  -Available with select Honeywell control panels. Requires Compass version or higher.

  -Quick and easy installation of ILP5 for L5000, L5100, L5200 and L7000 LYNX Touch wireless control panels.

  -Quality of Service diagnostics via AlarmNet supply vital information including when a message was received, battery voltage, input voltage and message path.

Web-Based Programming
  -Allows complete interactive programming from AlarmNet Direct. Login

Intelligent Supervision
  -Any message generated serves as a supervision message per optional 24 hour or 30 day intervals. This feature effectively limits required messages to be sent.

Remote Services Capability*
  -Optional Honeywell Total ConnectTM Remote Services value-added web-based or SMS system control as well as e-mail notification of system events.

Six Input Zones
  -Digital processing for improved detection and false alarm protection.

Tamper Protected Enclosure
  -Built-in tamper sends a report when a tamper condition is detected and a restore when cleared.

Built-in Power Supply
  -Onboard charging circuit design accommodates back-up battery. Includes primary power and battery supervision.

*Total Connect Service subscription required.

Honeywell ILP5 Product Compatibility:

• L5100
• L5100-SIA
• L7000
• L5200
• L5200-CN
• L7000-CN
• L7000LA
• L5210
• L5210-CN
• L5210LA
• L5000
• L5000-CN
• L5000-SIA
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