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Our AlarmClub Alarm Monitoring Agreement

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TERMS OF SERVICE: AlarmClub Terms and Conditions (Version 10.11)
AlarmClub.com, Inc.
1133 Old Okeechobee Rd.
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
(561) 833-9949
(561) 655-4423
This agreement is between "Subscriber" hereinafter referred to as MEMBER and "AlarmClub.com, Inc." hereinafter referred to as CLUB.
1. COMMUNICATION AND CONNECTIVITY. MEMBER will furnish at its expense the appropriate form(s) of communication(s) method for the monitored equipment also including electricity and connectivity equipment (RJ-31X, router, static IP, modem...etc.). To be monitored by the central monitoring station, one of the appropriate communication paths need to be in place; (a) plain ordinary telephone service (POTS), (b) voice over internet protocol (VoIP), (c) cellular service including global packet radio service (GPRS) and global system for mobile communications (GSM), (d) or internet (cable, DSL, broadband...etc.). MEMBER'S equipment type and chosen alarm monitoring service determines the appropriate communication path.

2. BILLING. MEMBER agrees that monitoring charges will commence according to the online monitoring date. The online monitoring date is the date MEMBER'S system was tested and programmed to successfully communicate with the central monitoring station. MEMBER authorizes CLUB to bill in advance any charges including; applicable taxes, fines, fees, liquidated damages as defined in Paragraph 17, third party vendor expenses and/or rate increases due in accordance with the type and term of the monitoring payment cycle MEMBER selected.

3. INSURANCE. CLUB agrees to perform the services described herein, without liability and not as an insurer. CLUB encourages MEMBER to carry adequate insurance to safeguard their valuables. Adequate insurance would compensate MEMBER'S losses including but not limited to losses due to burglary, hold up and fire in case of transmission problems due to severance of communication path, which may affect the system and the transmission of signals to the central monitoring station. Alarm systems are not foolproof and they do not replace insurance.

4. COMMUNICATION CONTENTS. MEMBER authorizes CLUB the right to retrieve, copy, record, and disclose any telephone, video, oral or any other form(s) of communication used between CLUB and MEMBER or authorized representative for purposes related to the service(s) provided.

5. INSTALLATION, USE AND SET-UP. Work on system will begin in approximately three (3) weeks and will continue until completed, subject to permissible delays pursuant to this agreement or conditions out of the control of CLUB, including but not limited to construction delays and permit delays. CLUB agrees to instruct a MEMBER REPRESENTATIVE in the proper use of the system. CLUB will not be responsible to monitor any devices that are not programmed by CLUB for alarm or supervisory conditions into CLUB's signaling system. MEMBER hereby authorizes and empowers CLUB, its agents or assigns, to install the aforesaid system in the designated premises, and upon MEMBER'S request to perform service to the MEMBER'S system. MEMBER acknowledges that CLUB has no way of knowing of the existence of hidden pipes, wires or other obstructions within walls or other concealed spaces, or any defects in construction of MEMBER'S property. CLUB shall have no responsibility whatsoever for any damage that may be caused. It is mutually agreed that the work of technical support, installation or repair by CLUB shall be performed between the hours of 8:00 o'lock a.m. and 5:00 o'clock p.m. ET, exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

6. MONITORING SERVICES. CLUB agrees to monitor the burglar alarm, fire/sprinkler, video verification and/or medical alert system from the time the CLUB causes the system to be activated and until MEMBER or CLUB causes the system to be deactivated. Upon receipt of a signal indicating an unauthorized entry in MEMBER'S premises or an emergency, the CLUB'S operator will use reasonable efforts to identify the signal and, when warranted, follow procedures in accordance with Florida Statute HB1351 (enhanced call verification) will transmit notice of said signal. CLUB agrees to use reasonable efforts to contact one of the MEMBER'S designated representatives at the telephone numbers provided by MEMBER. MEMBER agrees that its designated representative shall have authority, proper access, and a key to enter the premises. CLUB's central alarm monitoring station is located at 1375 North East Avenue in Sarasota, Florida.
   A. BURGLAR ALARM. MEMBER understands that "burglar alarm monitoring service" means only that the central station operator will react to signals received from MEMBER'S monitored alarm system at the address supplied by MEMBER. CLUB agrees to have monitored, if applicable, MEMBER'S security system. Upon receipt of a signal indicating an unauthorized entry into MEMBER'S premises, or an emergency condition, the central station operator(s) will use reasonable efforts to identify the signal and, when warranted, in accordance with the procedures appropriate to the installed equipment, the central station operator will transmit notice of said signal over standard telephone lines, in accordance with MEMBER'S local code, to the deemed authority having jurisdiction. After notifying the local authority, the central station operator(s) will use reasonable efforts to contact one of the MEMBER'S designated representatives at the telephone number(s) provided by MEMBER. MEMBER assumes all responsibility for making sure any and all information given to CLUB is up-to-date.
   B. COMMERCIAL FIRE ALARM. MEMBER understands that "commercial fire alarm monitoring service" means that CLUB shall perform scheduled system tests, inspections and repair in strict accordance with National Fire Protection Association Standards (NFPA) #72 and MEMBER agrees they will be billed for these services at a time and material basis. MEMBER agrees that this service requires CLUB to perform twenty four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week including holiday's, on-call runner service within tight time constraints. MEMBER agrees it is their responsibility to be available in the event CLUB must meet MEMBER for any trouble signal or other signals pertaining solely to matters of equipment maintenance of the commercial fire alarm system. MEMBER agrees fire runner service will be performed by CLUB on a time and material basis at prevailing rates and MEMBER agrees to pay same. Repair and runner service rates are available upon request.
   C. VIDEO VERIFICATION ALARM. MEMBER understands that "video verification monitoring service" means only the central monitoring station will react to signals received from MEMBER'S video burglar alarm system. Upon receipt of a signal indicating unauthorized activity causing the motion detector to activate the central station operator will use reasonable effort to view the associated video to determine the cause of the activation. In the event there is no visual evidence of an intruder, the central station operator will disregard the event. In the event an intruder is viewed by the central station operator, they will transmit notice of said signal over standard telephone lines, per MEMBER'S local code, to the deemed authority having jurisdiction. After notifying the local authority, the central station operator(s) will use reasonable efforts to contact one of the MEMBER'S designated representatives at the telephone number(s) provided by MEMBER. MEMBER assumes all responsibility for making sure any and all information given to CLUB is up-to-date. MEMBER agrees that its designated representative(s) shall have authority, proper access, and a key to enter the premises.
   D. VoIP ALARM. MEMBER understands that MEMBER'S voice over internet protocol (VoIP) communication system may not transmit signals to CLUB'S central monitoring station or to 911 emergency services. In the event signals are not transmitted, MEMBER understands that emergency dispatch may not occur. MEMBER'S using VoIP communications are encouraged to utilize a plain ordinary telephone land line, cellular radio, or network monitoring device to ensure alarm signal transmission.
   E. MEDICAL ALERT ALARM. The central monitoring stations sole service is to contact the medical contact's phone number(s) provided by MEMBER in the event of an emergency signal. MEMBER agrees to hold CLUB and any of its employees and subcontractors harmless regardless of joint, several, active or passive negligence resulting from improper dispatch of medical assistance providers.

7. REMOTE TECHNICAL SERVICE. CLUB shall have the ability to remotely enter and/or change MEMBER'S electronic data used for reporting alarm conditions from MEMBER'S equipment to the central monitoring station. MEMBER agrees remote technical service will be billed at prevailing rates and MEMBER agrees to pay CLUB accordingly.

8. LOCAL FEES AND ORDINANCES. MEMBER at its cost must comply with local permit procedures related to monitoring services and is responsible for determining, complying, and notifying CLUB in the event local ordinances or policies change which may affect CLUB's performance of services.

9. PRIOR AGREEMENTS. MEMBER acknowledges that they currently are not under contract with any other monitoring company, and will hold harmless CLUB from any resulting claim. MEMBER affirms prior agreements have been terminated and that any such agreement will not be means for cancellation of this agreement. MEMBER agrees to pay any costs, attorney fees, expenses, liabilities, losses, demands, judgments, and suits in the event of a breach of this agreement.

10. SUBCONTRACT. CLUB shall have the right to subcontract under its sole discretion such services, but not limited to repair, installation, and monitoring to any third-party or individual under this agreement. MEMBER is bound by agreement which inures to any subcontractor(s) used by CLUB to retain full force and effect of this agreement and provisions held within.

11. IMPOSED RATE ADJUSTMENT. CLUB shall have the right, at any time, to increase the charges provided herein, to reflect any additional taxes, permit fees, code changes or charges relating to the service provided under the terms of this agreement, which may hereafter be imposed on CLUB by any utility or governmental agency, together with any processing fee incurred by CLUB; and MEMBER agrees to pay the same.

12. RATE ADJUSTMENT. After commencement of service, CLUB may annually increase the monthly monitoring charge. In the event an increase exceeds 10% per year and MEMBER is unwilling to pay the increased charges, MEMBER may terminate this agreement and MEMBER will not be subject to any payments for liquidated damages, upon giving notice via email or in writing, by registered mail, within (30) days from the date of notice of the increase. MEMBER'S failure to notify CLUB within said (30) days shall constitute MEMBER'S acceptance of the rate adjustment.

13. EXTENSION. After the initial monitoring term, this agreement shall AUTOMATICALLY EXTEND ON A MONTH TO MONTH BASIS at the prevailing monthly rate unless either party shall give written notice by registered mail or email of cancellation at least thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of the original term or any extension term. In the event no notice of cancellation is received by CLUB, MEMBER authorizes CLUB to continue charging CLUB'S account for monitoring service.

14. FALSE ALARMS AND THIRD PARTY CHARGES. Any cost incurred by CLUB for false alarms/signals originating from MEMBER'S premises shall be promptly reimbursed to CLUB. MEMBER is responsible for any false alarm charges and/or third party charges exclusively. If excessive false alarms are caused by carelessness, malicious use, or unintended use of the alarm system, CLUB may, at its sole discretion, deem same to be a material breach of contract on part of MEMBER and may be excused from further performance. MEMBER agrees to eliminate conditions or factors interfering with the proper operation of installed devices which may cause false alarms.

15. TERMINATION. CLUB retains the right to terminate this agreement for any reason, at any time, with or without cause. CLUB'S termination of MEMBER shall not constitute a waiver of its rights to collect any charges which may have been accrued or may be due here-under. Runaway signals occur when MEMBER'S equipment sends the central monitoring station excessive signals. In the event MEMBER'S monitored equipment sends data to the central monitoring station in an erroneous "runaway" manner, CLUB may terminate, shut-down and lock-out MEMBER'S account for damages and not as a penalty, immediately following notice to MEMBER of said defect by either telephone or e-mail. MEMBER'S failure to assist CLUB in the event CLUB can not remotely lock out MEMBER'S account, CLUB will place MEMBER'S account in default and subject to terms stated in Paragraph 17.

16. CANCELLATION. This agreement may be cancelled, without notice, at the option of CLUB in the event the central monitoring station, connection link or the equipment within CLUB is destroyed by fire or other catastrophe, or so substantially damaged that it is impractical to continue service with no further obligation to MEMBER and may likewise be cancelled at the option of the MEMBER in the event of such occurrences at MEMBER'S facility. MEMBER shall be liable for any delinquent payments for services previously rendered and liquidated damages as contained in Paragraph 17.

17. LIQUIDATED DAMAGES. Upon termination or default of this agreement for any reason, except for cancellation at the end of the initial term or any extension term as provided herein, all services by CLUB will terminate and in addition to any payments due for services rendered, MEMBER shall be liable for liquidated damages for the breach of the contract, calculated at the accelerated rate seventy-five percent (75%) of the amount due from the date of default to the end of the term of the agreement. This provision for liquidated damages is agreed upon between the parties due to the inability of computing the actual costs of disconnecting the service and/or the loss of the value of the unexpired portion of the agreement. In the event MEMBER fails to pay the amount of liquidated damages due upon termination and/or the amount then due for services previously rendered, MEMBER agrees to pay CLUB all costs of collection, including without limitation, prejudgment interest and reasonable attorney fees.

18. DEFAULT. MEMBER shall be in default of this agreement for: (a) failure to pay any fees billed here under when due, (b) willfully or negligently causing repeated false alarms/signals, (c) failure to perform any other obligation under this agreement. Upon MEMBER'S default, CLUB shall have the right to terminate this agreement ten (10) days after written notice of default by either email or registered mail. In the event of any default of this agreement by MEMBER, MEMBER gives CLUB permission to automatically charge MEMBER's credit card on file for any and all damages including but not limited to, liquidated damages as defined in Paragraph 17.

19. RECONNECTION CHARGE. MEMBER shall pay a reconnect charge of $40.00 to CLUB in advance together with any past due balances if security system is cut off and MEMBER desires it reconnected.

20. CROSS-DEFAULT. If MEMBER has multiple active agreements with CLUB and any of these agreements are in default, CLUB retains the right to cancel all other agreements even if in good standing, as means to collect past due balances for any delinquent account (refer to liquidated damages as defined in Paragraph 17).

21. LATE CHARGES. In the event MEMBER shall be delinquent in the payment of monies due, MEMBER agrees to pay interest at a charge of one and a half (1.5%) percent per month with a maximum of eighteen (18%) percent per year from the date of delinquency and CLUB reserves the right to refuse repair or monitoring service without liability until the past due monies have been paid in full. MEMBER agrees to pay a $40.00 administrative fee for any check or credit card transaction that is returned to CLUB unpaid for any reason; all collection costs, including without limitation, prejudgment interest and reasonable attorney fees.

22. DIY PROGRAMMING. In the event MEMBER chooses to program their own security system equipment without CLUB'S assistance, MEMBER agrees to hold CLUB, its employees, and subcontractors harmless for any potential damages and/or costs that may result. DIY programming MEMBERS assume all liability for errors, omissions, or improper use of any third party software, program, application, and any other device or lack of device that may be used to input data. Any additions and/or changes to any CLUB monitored security systems zone information must be sent to CLUB in writing, email, fax, or on CLUB'S account setup and changes online form.

23. MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR. MEMBER, at its own cost and expense, is required to keep the equipment in good repair, condition and working order. MEMBER agrees to perform at least monthly system checks in order to ascertain if the system is properly functioning, including walk tests if applicable (when motion detection devices are installed). MEMBER agrees to notify CLUB promptly of any operating defect so CLUB or authorized agent may perform repair service. MEMBER acknowledges that CLUB'S obligations hereunder relates solely to the services purchased. CLUB is in no way obligated to maintain or service MEMBER'S property not part of the system or the property of others to which CLUB'S monitored system is connected to, except as otherwise contained herein. Repairs shall be performed as soon as reasonably possible after receipt of notice by CLUB. MEMBER at its expense is responsible for replacing batteries as required for proper operation of system.

24. DELAYS AND INTERRUPTIONS. CLUB assumes no liability for delays in monitoring service, installation or interruptions of service due to strikes, riots, floods, fires, acts of God or any causes beyond the control of CLUB including interruption of alarm transmission, and will not be required to supply service to the MEMBER while such cause continues. MEMBER understands that alarm signals may be transmitted by telephone, cable, radio, cellular or internet, which are outside the control of CLUB, and CLUB shall have no responsibility for any failure in transmission of alarm signals by any of these means. MEMBER agrees to immediately notify CLUB of any malfunctions involving the communication link.

25. CREDIT INVESTIGATION. MEMBER authorizes CLUB, or anyone whom this agreement may be assigned, to contact any of the listed credit references and to obtain appropriate credit reports from agencies providing such information regarding MEMBER'S credit standing. CLUB retains in full any and all rights and remedies available to it, to enforce payment of any charges currently due including without limitation, liquidated damages, collection costs, reasonable attorney fees, and prejudgment interest (please refer to Paragraph 17).

   A. Except as set forth herein, CLUB makes no representations or warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, with respect to the condition of equipment, and disclaims any and all warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or any other warranty. MEMBER acknowledges that no other representations were made to MEMBER or relied upon by MEMBER with respect to the quality and function of the goods or service.
   B. In the event any part of the equipment installed by CLUB shall be determined defective or inoperative by CLUB under normal use (subject to Section E of the Limited Warranty stated below), within one (1) year from the date of installation, CLUB shall replace or repair such defective part without charge to MEMBER. CLUB reserves the right to replace any product under the warranty with new or remanufactured product or parts. Labor for replacement or repair is warranted for ninety (90) days from the date of completion of installation. CLUB warrants that any repaired or replaced product shall satisfy the warranty set out for the balance of the term of the warranty for the initial product or for ninety (90) days, whichever is longer. Thereafter, labor will be provided at CLUB'S prevailing rates and MEMBER agrees to pay same. In no event shall club be liable for more than, and MEMBER'S exclusive remedy for breach of this limited warranty shall be limited to, the repair or replacement of defective equipment installed under this agreement, exemplary, punitive, incidental or consequential damages. If not satisfied with repair MEMBER agrees to fully describe the defect in writing allowing CLUB the right to cure within five (5) working days since service was performed. This warranty is not assignable.
   C. In the event CLUB takes over monitoring of an existing security system owned by MEMBER and not designed, sold, or installed to MEMBER by CLUB, CLUB assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the maintenance, operation or non-operation, actuation or non-actuation, of MEMBER's existing equipment. Monitoring service will commence when CLUB has programmed MEMBER'S equipment to the central monitoring station and has received test signals from MEMBER'S premises and both CLUB and MEMBER agree that such signals have been satisfactorily transmitted and received. CLUB makes no representation as to suitability or condition of MEMBER'S system. Telephonic and/or e-mail technical support will be provided by CLUB at prevailing rates and MEMBER agrees to pay the same.
   D. In no event shall CLUB be liable for more than, and MEMBER'S exclusive remedy for breach of this limited warranty shall be limited to, the repair or replacement of defective equipment sold under this agreement, and CLUB shall not be liable for injuries to persons or property, including but not limited to, all general, direct, special, exemplary, punitive, incidental or consequential damages.
   E. CLUB shall not be liable at any time for costs of repair or replacement in the event of damage to material or equipment caused by accident, vandalism, flood, water, lightning, fire, intrusion, abuse, misuse, an act of God, any casualty, including electricity, unauthorized repair service, modification or improper installation not deemed acceptable by CLUB and/or any other cause beyond the control of CLUB, including interruption of electrical or telephone service, cellular or internet. In the event repair service or modification is needed and to be performed by anyone except a CLUB REPRESENTATIVE, MEMBER must inform CLUB beforehand of any service to be performed on a CLUB monitored system by phone or email with MEMBER REPRESENTATIVE'S name and contact information so that CLUB REPRESENTATIVE can facilitate when and how MEMBER and/or MEMBER REPRESENTATIVE should render the appropriate service.
   F. MEMBER acknowledges that any affirmation of fact or promise made by CLUB shall not be deemed to create an express warranty, and that CLUB makes no representation or warranty that the system or service supplied may not be compromised, circumvented, or that the system or services will in cases provide the signaling, monitoring, and response for which it was intended. MEMBER is not solely relying on CLUB'S skill or judgment in selecting or furnishing a system suitable for any particular purpose.
   G. This agreement becomes binding upon submission of order to CLUB. MEMBER acknowledges receipt of a copy of this agreement, and specifically acknowledges and accepts that CLUB'S liability is limited as set forth herein.

   A. It is understood and agreed by the parties hereto that CLUB is not an insurer and that insurance, if any, covering personal injury and property loss or damage on MEMBER'S premises shall be obtained by MEMBER, at MEMBER'S sole expense; that the payments provided for herein are based solely on the value of the service as set forth herein and are unrelated to the value of MEMBER'S property or the property of others located on MEMBER'S premises; that CLUB makes no guarantee, representation or warranty including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose that the system or service supplied will avert or prevent occurrences of the consequences there from which the system or service is intended to detect or avert.
   B. MEMBER acknowledges it is impractical and extremely difficult to fix the actual damages, if any, which may proximately result from a failure to perform any of CLUB'S obligations or a failure or malfunction in the system to properly operate because of, among other things: the uncertain amount or value of MEMBER'S property or the property of others which may be lost or damaged; the uncertainty of the response time of the police or other authority; the inability to ascertain what portion, if any, of any loss would be proximately caused by CLUB'S failure to perform any of its obligations or failure of its equipment to properly operate; or the nature of the services to be performed by CLUB.
   C. MEMBER understands and agrees that if CLUB should be found liable for any loss or damage due from a failure to perform any of its obligations or a failure of the equipment to properly operate, CLUB'S liability shall be limited to a sum equal to the total of one-half year monitoring payments, or FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($500.00) whichever is the lesser, and this liability shall be exclusive and shall apply if loss or damage, irrespective of cause or origin, results directly or indirectly to persons or property from performance or non-performance of any of CLUB'S obligations or from negligence, active or otherwise, of CLUB, its employees or agents.
   D. In the event that the MEMBER wishes CLUB to assume greater liability, MEMBER may, as a matter of right, obtain from CLUB a higher limit by paying an additional amount to CLUB, and a rider shall be attached hereto setting forth higher limit and additional amount, but this additional obligation shall in no way be interpreted to hold CLUB as an insurer.
   E. When MEMBER in the ordinary course of business has the property of others in its custody, or the monitored system extends to protect the persons or property of others, MEMBER agrees to and shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless CLUB, its employees and agents for and against all claims of indirect, consequential, incidental, or punitive damages in the event not limited to loss in profits or loss of data brought by owners of said property arising out of the CLUB service under this agreement. This provision shall apply to all claims regardless of cause including CLUB'S performance or failure to perform and including defects in products, design, installation, service, operation or non-operation of the system whether based upon negligence, active or passive, expressed or implied contract or warranty, contribution or indemnification, or strict or product liability on the part of CLUB, its employees or agents, but this provision shall not apply to claims for loss or damage solely and directly caused by an employee of CLUB while on MEMBER'S premises.
   F. MEMBER acknowledges that the system purchased/installed is as requested and is suitable to his particular purpose, and unless defects or omissions are called to CLUB'S attention in writing, within five (5) business days after date the system is put online, MEMBER accepts the system as is.

28. LEGAL ACTION. CLUB is located in the State of Florida, United States of America. Any disputes, small claims and federal, legal or equitable that may arise against CLUB must be commenced in the courts of Palm Beach County, Florida within one (1) year after the act, omission, or event occurred from which the claim, action or proceeding arises, without judicial extension of time, or said claim, action or proceeding is barred, time being of the essence of this paragraph. This agreement shall in all respects be governed as to validity, interpretation, enforcement and effect by laws of the State of Florida. MEMBER agrees to waive its right to a jury trial. MEMBER consents to the jurisdiction of such courts and agrees to the process of service by mail, thus waiving any jurisdictional or venue defenses otherwise available. The State of Florida laws will govern legal notices, disclaimers, and privacy policies without any conflict of laws.

29. WAIVER. MEMBER acknowledges that the provisions of this agreement, and particularly those paragraphs relating to disclaimer of warranties, limitation of liability and third party indemnification inure to the benefit of and are applicable to AlarmClub.com, Inc. and its subsidiaries and to any subcontractors engaged by CLUB to provide monitoring, sales, maintenance or service of the alarm system provided herein. MEMBER hereby waives its right of recovery against CLUB for any loss covered by insurance pertaining to the premises or contents by any policy or law.

30. ASSIGNMENT. This agreement is not assignable by MEMBER without prior written consent of CLUB. The MEMBER will recognize any assignment of this agreement by CLUB and will furnish upon request the assignee with a written acknowledgement that this agreement is in full force and effect and will not be subject to claims, defenses or set-offs that MEMBER may have against CLUB. CLUB shall have the right to assign this agreement or subcontract any of the services it may perform.

31. WARRANT. MEMBER represents and warrants that MEMBER'S identity and contact information is accurate, and that MEMBER is age 18 or older and otherwise competent and authorized to enter into this agreement.

32. ELECTRONIC FORMAT. MEMBER agrees to enter into this agreement in electronic format pursuant to the federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act.

33. ENTIRE AGREEMENT; NON-WAIVER; SEVERABILITY. If there is any conflict between this agreement and MEMBER'S purchase order, or any other document, this agreement will govern, whether such purchase order or other document is prior to or subsequent to this agreement. It is mutually understood and agreed that any representation, promise, advertising or other statement, condition, inducement or warranty, express or implied, whether written or verbal, not included in writing in this agreement shall not be binding upon any party and that the agreement may not be altered, modified or otherwise changed at any time except with the written consent of each of the parties hereto, and in the form of an addendum to this agreement. There are no verbal understandings changing or modifying this agreement.

34. ALARM.COM INCORPORATED TERMS. You have recently agreed to purchase residential or commercial security products and services from dealer ("CLUB") an independently owned and operated security services dealer. Alarm.com Incorporated ("Alarm.com") has authorized CLUB to market and sell to you "Alarm.com Services" for your use with certain hardware and other products ("Equipment") that enable the Alarm.com Services. These Alarm.com Terms (Sections A1 through A10) are part of your legal agreement with CLUB. Click here to view the Alarm.com Terms, they contain among other things, important warranty disclaimers (in Section A3) and limitations of liability (in Section A5) applicable to your use of the Alarm.com Services and products. By checking off the box next to "I have read and AGREE" to the CLUB monitoring contract you are entering into a "click-wrap agreement" with CLUB and additionally with Alarm.com. By accessing the Alarm.com customer website or using any other part of the Alarm.com Services, you agree to be bound by these Alarm.com Terms. Although these Alarm.com Terms are part of your legal agreement with CLUB, you acknowledge and agree that they may be enforced by Alarm.com directly. Please read in full and print for your records the Alarm.com Terms.

35. INVALID PROVISIONS. If any terms or provisions of this agreement shall be determined to be invalid or inoperative, all of the remaining terms and provisions shall re-main in full force and effect. The headings used in this agreement are intended solely for use as reference and are not intended to be a part of this agreement or as a limitation of the scope of the particular sections to which they refer.