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PRO Non-Interactive

PRO Interactive
No-Term Contracts
Central Station Response Professional Dispatching (Live Operator) Professional Dispatching (Live Operator)
Do-It-Yourself Response Self-Dispatching (No Operator) Self-Dispatching (for Redundant Backup)
ETL-Listed Provider Accredited 24-Hour Services Accredited 24-Hour Services
Property Insurance Discounts Up to 10% on PRO Alarm Monitoring Up to 10% on PRO Alarm Monitoring
Crash & Smash Protection Vandal-Proof Communications Vandal-Proof Communications
Supervision Period Daily, 6-Hour or 1-Hour Test Daily, 6-Hour or 1-Hour Test
Interactive Alarm Services?   Remote Alarm Monitoring Capabilities and Full Control of Your Security System!
Alarm.com App* Android and Apple iOS
External Ecosystems* Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Home
Text/Email Notifications* PRO Interactive Bronze Level
Remote Arming/Disarming* PRO Interactive Bronze Level
60-Days Event History* PRO Interactive Bronze Level
(Intelligent Arming Reminders)*
PRO Interactive Bronze Level
Smart Automation Scenes* PRO Interactive Bronze Level
Multiple Partition Support* PRO Interactive Bronze Level
Multiple Permission Based Logins* PRO Interactive Bronze Level
Multi-System Access* PRO Interactive Bronze Level
Security System Recent Activity* PRO Interactive Bronze Level
Sensor Activity Monitoring* PRO Interactive Bronze Level
User Code Management* PRO Interactive Bronze Level
Sensor Left Open* PRO Interactive Bronze Level
Severe Weather Alerts* PRO Interactive Silver Level
Unexpected Alerts* PRO Interactive Silver Level
Weather to Panel* PRO Interactive Gold Level
Smart Automation Services?   Full Control of Your Compatible Smart Alarm Gadgets Using Your Security System App!
Smart Device Automation
(e.g. Lights, Locks, Thermostats)*
PRO Interactive Silver Level
Garage Door Control* PRO Interactive Silver Level
LiftMaster Integration* PRO Interactive Silver Level
Lutron Integration* PRO Interactive Silver Level
Nest Integration* PRO Interactive Silver Level
Rachio Integration* PRO Interactive Gold Level
Water Management* PRO Interactive Gold Level
Image Sensor Services?   Receive Motion-Activated Video Images of Every Alarm System Initiating Event!
Image Sensor Video Alerts
(on Alarm)*
PRO Interactive Bronze Level
Image Sensor Video Alerts
(on Disarm)*
PRO Interactive Gold Level
Daily Views Rules* PRO Interactive Gold Level
On-Demand Peek-In* PRO Interactive Gold Level
Additional Image Upload* PRO Interactive Gold Level
Image Alerts* PRO Interactive Gold Level
Video Surveillance Services?     Remotely Look into Your Security Cameras and Receive Text/Email Video Clips!
Video Doorbell* Compatible SkyBell Versions - Add-On Service Compatible SkyBell Versions - Add-On Service
Video Surveillance* 1080p, Indoor and Outdoor - Add-On Service 1080p, Indoor and Outdoor - Add-On Service
Max. Number of Cameras* Upgrade to 40 Cameras - Add-On Service Upgrade to 40 Cameras - Add-On Service
Motion-Activated Video Clips* Email/Text Messages - Add-On Service Email/Text Messages - Add-On Service
Video Cloud Storage* Standard 5,000 Video Clips - Add on Service Standard 5,000 Video Clips - Add on Service
Other Add-On Services?     Explore Complementary Security System Integrations for Your Smart Property!
SolarEdge Integration* Solar Panel Inverter - Add-On Service
Enphase Integration* Solar Panel Inverter - Add-On Service
Wellness Health* Medical Information - Add-On Service
* These Qolsys compatible monitoring options are powered by Alarm.com and/or the Alarm.com app.

What are Qolsys Interactive Monitoring Services?

Automation - Doorbell Camera - GeoServices - Smartphone & Tablet - Smartwatch - Voice - TV - Video

Automation Control
Lights, Locks, Thermostats

Take control of your Alarm.com compatible smart automation devices. Interact with your smart Alarm.com security system and turn on/off your lights and set smart schedules to automate the occurrence. Lock and unlock your front door, or any door you choose. Easily control your thermostat for all times of the year and more!

Video Doorbell Camera
Safe Storage

See who is at the front door with the Alarm.com WiFi video doorbell camera. Much like the commonly known Ring Video Doorbell, the Alarm.com SkyBell Video Doorbell has the same two-way voice abilities through the Alarm.com app which lets you speak to visitors at the door. Additionally, you receive tamper-resistant offsite storage, wireless communications, and cloud hosting with better reliability.

Location-Based Alerts

This feature lets you create location-based alerts and rules based on the location of one or more phones, or "GeoDevices". When activated, your phone will periodically report its location to Alarm.com, which will use the rules that have been set up you on the account. Automate location-based rules such as; turn my smart thermostat "On" when my phone is detected within 10 miles of my property.

Smartphone & Tablet
Remote Control

Control your whole property from a single screen. Whether you're at work, on vacation or just relaxing in front of the TV, Alarm.com's mobile app puts your properties management, access and comfort at your fingertips. Secure your property, dim the lights, view alerts, watch live video and even answer the door with just a few clicks on your mobile device or tablet.

Smart Watch
Easy To Use

The Alarm.com app for Apple Watch uses quick, light interactions to make controlling your smart property as easy as checking the time. Control your security system, locks, lights, garage door and thermostats, watch video and get alerts using just your Apple Watch. This compatibility is great for folks that like to run and without having to carry any extra weight in their pockets.

Voice Control
Audio Recognition

Don't move a muscle. Alarm.com brings the convenience of voice control to your home or business through integrations with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Just ask, and you can arm your security system, change the temperature, turn your living room lights off or lock all the doors in your house. As long as Alexa or Google Home can hear you, you can ask it to assist you from the convenience of never leaving your couch. Finally, with the Alarm.com app, smart property automation has been made truly hands-free.

TV Monitoring
Flexible Control

View your Alarm.com live HD video streams on the biggest screen in the house with our apps for Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. When you're watching TV and the doorbell rings, or the baby starts crying, just select your Alarm.com app and see what's happening, with up to four simultaneous views in HD.

Video Surveillance

Live Video

HD quality and great low-light performance make for crystal clear video monitoring. Use your smartphone or tablet to view live streaming video of up to 40 Alarm.com security cameras.

Safe Storage
Tamper-resistant offsite storage, wireless communications, and cloud hosting provide better reliability. Record video on-site to the Alarm.com Stream Video Recorder and to the cloud at the same time. Cloud storage cannot be disabled or damaged if your property experiences a fire or flood.