WAP-PLUS - Resideo Honeywell Home Wireless Security Camera Access Point (for Total Connect 2.0 App)

WAP-PLUS - Resideo Honeywell Home Wireless Security Camera Access Point (for Total Connect 2.0 App)
WAP-PLUS - Resideo Honeywell Home Wireless Security Camera Access Point (for Total Connect 2.0 App)

Please Note: The Honeywell WAP wireless security camera access point has been discontinued without replacement.

Honeywell WAP-PLUS Product Description:

The Honeywell WAP-PLUS is a wireless access point. Out of the box, the WAP-PLUS functions as a wireless access point to support Honeywell iPCAM and ACU (Analog Converter Unit) installations where a wireless access point (with WPS security) does not exist. For specific information on how to connect iPCAM or ACU peripherals to the WAP-PLUS see the specific peripheral's installation guide.

In addition, the WAP-PLUS must be used for iPCAM installations with the LYNX Touch (L5100 series) control. For this use, the WAP-PLUS must be configured as described in this document. For specific information on how to connect and configure the LYNX Touch (L5100) to work with the WAP-PLUS, please refer to the LYNX Touch User Guide.

The WAP-PLUS provides an easy-to-setup secure wireless solution that enables Honeywell's iPCAM series internet video cameras to communicate with AlarmNet.

Some major features of Honeywell's WAP-PLUS are:
Utilizes the 802.11b/g/n protocol with WPA2-PSK wireless security.
Supports WPS security. WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is a standard for easy setup of a secure wireless network.

In addition there are three 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports available for wired cameras. IMPORTANT: This device is for indoor use only. The WAP-PLUS must be spaced at least 4 feet (1.2m) from other wireless devices. For detailed information on wired and wireless operating distances, refer to the camera or ACU's installation guide.

Indicator and Connector Identification:

  • Security: On - Wi-Fi security is set to on. Flashing - Flashes when WPS button has been pressed for 3 seconds and released, to indicate the WAP-PLUS is transmitting a new security key to the wireless camera. When the wireless camera replies, the Security LED lights solid.
  • WPS (button): Used to setup a secure wirelessconnection.
  • LAN: On - The LAN port(s) is active.
  • Wireless: On - Wireless connection exist. Off - No Wireless connections exist.
  • Power: On - When power is applied the LED blinks during an initialization period, then remains steady to indicate power is connected.
  • Reset (switch): This switch has two functions; Reboot, and Clear All Data. Use a paper clip to depress. | Reboot - Depress and Release to reboot. (Allow cycle to complete.) | Clear All Data - Depress and hold for 10 seconds to clear all data, and restore factory settings. (Allow 2 minutes for the cycle to complete.)
  • Includes built-in 802.11/WiFi connectivity
  • Support WPS security
  • For Indoor Use Only
  • Three 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports available for wired cameras

Honeywell WAP-PLUS Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 1.18" H x 3.54" W x 5.51"L
  • Case Color: White

Honeywell WAP-PLUS Product Compatibility:

• L7000-CN
• L7000LA
• L5210
• L5210-CN
• L5210LA
• L5100
• L5100-WIFI
• L7000
• L5200
• L5200-CN
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