BAT-FIRE-ATT - Alula Commercial Fire Dual-Path IP/Cellular AT&T 5G LTE-M Alarm Communicator (for Universal Contact ID Control Panels)

BAT-FIRE-ATT - Alula Commercial Fire Dual-Path IP/Cellular AT&T 5G LTE-M Alarm Communicator (for Universal Contact ID Control Panels)
BAT-FIRE-ATT - Alula Commercial Fire Dual-Path IP/Cellular AT&T 5G LTE-M Alarm Communicator (for Universal Contact ID Control Panels)
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Alula BAT-FIRE-ATT Product Description:

The Alula BAT-FIRE-ATT is a universal dual-path internet/cellular AT&T 5G LTE-M commercial fire alarm communicator. The BAT-FIRE-ATT communicator connects to an intrusion or fire alarm control panel (FACP) and provides central station alarm reporting.

The BAT-FIRE-ATT can be configured to provide dual-path connectivity using Ethernet/broadband and cell or single-path connectivity using either Ethernet/broadband or cell to Bosch Conettix D6100IPv6 receivers at the central station. The BAT-FIRE-ATT allows system integrators to save money, maximize install flexibility and skip the 4G cellular sunset.

It provides two PSTN interfaces for the FACP/burg panel's DACT phone line connections. The BAT-Fire's DACT phone interface connection provides phone line voltage, dial tone, ringback tone and all required CID protocol signaling. The BAT-FIRE-ATT receives CID events from the FACP/burg panel's DACT and then relays the CID events to the central station receiver.

The BAT-FIRE-ATT provides inputs that can be used to monitor an FACP's alarm, AC fail, and trouble points (dry contact outputs). In this topology BAT-Fire inputs will be connected to the FACP points (dry contact outputs). The communicator will continually monitor the state of the FACP points (dry contact outputs). A state change on a BAT-FIRE-ATT monitored FACP point (dry contact output) will be reported to the central station.

Please Note: for UL 864 10th edition, this configuration may only be used for panels with one input zone. 9th edition and earlier permitted this method for multiple protection zones.

Product Features:

  • Supports 12V and 24V regulated FACPs/burg panels
  • Alarm capture via phone line interface or standard FACP/burg panel points
  • Supports Contact ID (CID) reporting format
  • Dual-Path: Ethernet (primary) with Cellular AT&T 5G LTE-M (backup)
  • Sole-Path: Ethernet or Cellular AT&T 5G LTE-M
  • Platform visibility through AlulaConnect™
  • Trouble event detection and reporting
  • Four programmable input/output ports
  • At-a-glance system status via front-panel LEDs
  • UL 864 10th edition commercial fire certification
  • ULC-S559 commercial fire certification
  • UL 1610 commercial burg certification
  • ULC-S304 commercial burg certification (Security Level II installations)
  • Remote programming, troubleshooting and managed over-the-air firmware upgrades
  • 5-year warranty

Alula BAT-FIRE-ATT Product Specifications:

  • Housing Dimensions (H x W x D): 8.6" x 5.8" x 2.2" inches (21.8 x 14.6 x 5.5 cm)
  • Weight: 13.2 oz (372.9 g)
  • Cover Securing Screw: #6 screw (included)
  • Mounting Fasteners: #6 screws and wall anchors (included)
  • Pilot Hole for Screw into Wood: 1/8 in (3 mm)
  • Pilot Hole for Wall Anchor: 3/16 in (4.7 mm)
  • Antenna: External (Included)
  • Wire Gauge Range: 24-14 AWG
  • Operating Temperature: 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 48.9°C)
  • Maximum Humidity: 85% non-condensing relative humidity
  • Reported Indications: Cover Tamper
  • Current Draw: 154mA (Standby) 207mA (Max) @ 12VDC
    109mA (Standby) 161mA (Max) @ 24VDC
  • Input Voltage: 10V-27VDC
  • Programmable Ouput Current Maximum: Will shunt up to 75 mA into ground
  • Central Station Receivers: Bosch Conettix: D6600 Plus, ITS-D6686-UL, D6100PV6
  • Cellular Network: AT&T 5G LTE-M
  • Certification Listings: FCC, IC, Verizon, UL 864 10th edition, ULC-S559, UL 1610, ULC-S304

Alula BAT-FIRE-ATT Product Compatibility:

• Universal FACP (with Contact ID, dialer-capture, and dialer-less)

Alula BAT-FIRE-ATT Product LED Indicators:


  • Power: Pulses when power is present
  • Trouble: Green - system ok
    Yellow - input voltage < 8V, or
    -cell connection has failed, or
    -Ethernet connection has failed, or
    cover is open
  • Comm: Green - central station receiver(s) all ok
    Yellow - central station receiver(s) trouble
    Off - all central station receiver(s) have failed
  • Ethernet: Off - interface not used
    Flashing - attempting connection using this interface
    On - connected using this interface
  • Wi-Fi: Unused
  • Cellular: Off - cell is not registered
    Flashing - last connection test failed
    On - connected using this interface
    Short blink - connected via Ethernet, last cell connection test successful
  • Update: Off - firmware update available
    Flashing - firmware update is in progress
    On - firmware is up to date
  • Device: Unused

Cellular Signal Strength:

  • 0 LED's Lit: Bad
  • 1 LED's Lit: Marginal
  • 2 LED's Lit: Acceptable
  • 3 LED's Lit: Good
  • 4 LED's Lit: Best

Report Codes:

  • Peripheral Tamper (Cover Tamper): 341 Report Code, 0 Device - Zone/User
  • Peripheral Tamper (Cover Tamper): 341 Report Code (0 Device - Zone/User)
  • Comm Test Trouble: 350 Report Code (800-803 Device - Zone/User)
  • Manual Comm Test: 601 Report Code (800-803 Device - Zone/User)
  • Optionally generated point capture event: Programmable (Programmable Zone Number)
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