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DIY or PRO Business Alarm Monitoring Services?
DIY Self Monitoring
for Do-It-Yourself Dispatch Only
PRO Central Monitoring
for 24-Hour Live Operator Dispatch

Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring
Central Station Dispatch Professional Dispatching (24/7 Live Operator)
Do-It-Yourself Dispatch Self-Dispatching (No Operator)
ETL-Listed Provider Accredited 24-Hour Services
Insurance Discounts Up to 15% on PRO Alarm Monitoring
Supervision Type Features Vary by Brand Features Vary by Brand
Smash-Proof Protection Features Vary by Brand Features Vary by Brand
Interactive Alarm Services?   Control Your Security System App from Anywhere Using Your Compatible Smart Gadgets!
App Control Android and Apple iOS Android and Apple iOS
External Ecosystems Features Vary by Brand Features Vary by Brand
Remote Arming/Disarming Features Vary by Brand Features Vary by Brand
Customized Notifications Features Vary by Brand Features Vary by Brand
Energy Management Features Vary by Brand Features Vary by Brand
Smart Automation Features Vary by Brand Features Vary by Brand
Smart Scenes Features Vary by Brand Features Vary by Brand
Z-Wave Integration Features Vary by Brand Features Vary by Brand
Video Surveillance Services?     Remotely Look into Your Security Cameras and Get Video Clips of Alarm Initiating Events!
Video Doorbell Add-On Service Add-On Service
Video Surveillance Add-On Service Add-On Service
Motion-Activated Video Clips Add on Service Add on Service
Video Cloud Storage Add on Service Add on Service

DIY Self vs. PRO Central Monitoring Comparison

The main differences between do-it-yourself alarm monitoring and central station alarm monitoring services are:

DIY alarm monitoring: This option allows you to manage your own commercial business alarm system using a smartphone app or web portal. You will be responsible for responding to any alerts that come through and contacting emergency services if necessary. Rest assured if you chose DIY self monitoring initially, that you always have the option to convert to professional alarm monitoring services at anytime!

Central station alarm monitoring services: This option is typically provided by a professional security company, like AlarmClub, that has a 24/7 staffed PRO central monitoring station. Our monitoring staff will respond to alerts at your business and take appropriate action on your behalf, such as contacting emergency services or dispatching a security guard. You will typically pay a slightly higher monthly fee for this service, which covers the cost of the monitoring staff. Our PRO monitored clients are also eligible for a certificate of alarm that may be required by their business insurance provider. Take note, that our DIY self-monitored accounts are not eligible for the certificate of alarm.

While DIY alarm monitoring is a more affordable option, it can require more effort and vigilance on the part of the business owner. AlarmClub central station monitoring services offer peace of mind and a more comprehensive approach to security. Ultimately, the choice depends on the business security needs and budget.

Compare Steps for Business Monitoring:

Step 1.

A security sensor is triggered and is transmitted from the control panel to the end user and/or AlarmClub 24/7 Pro central monitoring station.

Step 2.

With DIY self monitoring, the end user is responsible for dispatching the authorities when an alarm initiating event occurs.
With PRO central monitoring, the 24/7 live operator is responsible for following the dispatch protocol (listed in Step 3).

Step 3.

If alarm signal is either confirmed valid, or if the end user is unreachable when the operator attempts to contact them, then dispatching procedures will occur (police, fire and/or medical authorities).

Business Security
for New/Existing Security Systems!

No-term contract business alarm monitoring starting at $8 a month for existing security systems. Our nationwide business alarm monitoring services save you money each month, on your business security bill.
Business security refers to a set of measures and systems designed to protect businesses and their occupants from intruders, burglars, and other potential threats. This can include physical security measures like locks, alarms, and cameras. The goal of business security is to provide peace of mind for business owners while also deterring potential intruders and minimizing the risk of theft or harm to people or property.

Security Sensors
for Interior and Perimeter Protection!

There are several types of sensors that can be used for business security systems. Here are some common ones:

Door and window sensors: These sensors are installed on doors and windows and can detect when they are opened or closed.
Motion sensors: These sensors detect movement in an area and can trigger an alarm if they detect unauthorized entry.
Glass break sensors: These sensors detect the sound of breaking glass and can trigger an alarm.
Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors: These sensors can detect the presence of smoke or dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, and can alert the business owner and emergency services.
Flood sensors: These sensors can detect water leaks and flooding, and can alert the business owner before significant damage occurs.
Temperature sensors: These sensors can measure the temperature inside a business, and can detect if there is a fire or if the heating or cooling system is malfunctioning.

View More Business Security Sensors? Click Here

Business Automation
for Lights, Locks and Thermostats!

Business automation refers to the use of technology to control and automate various business appliances and systems such as lighting, heating, air conditioning, security systems, entertainment systems, and more. It involves the use of devices and software that give business owners the power to remotely monitor and control their businesses for increased comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency.

Control your business automation from anywhere, and at anytime, using a smartphone or other device! Automate your smart thermostats, smart garage doors, smart lights, smart locks, smart water valves, and voice-activated assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home. The business owner can even randomize lights for a lived-in look while you're away and set scenes that correspond to sunrise and sunset times (e.g. clock-in and clock-out).

Video Surveillance
for Live Viewing and Management!

Business video surveillance is the use of cameras and related equipment to monitor and record events within and around a commercial establishment. Its purpose is to improve the security and safety of the business, employees, and customers. Business video surveillance systems are designed to enhance security, deter theft, fraud, and vandalism, monitor employee performance, record evidence of criminal activity, and provide a safe environment for customers and staff. They are widely used in retail stores, banks, airports, government buildings, manufacturing facilities, and other types of commercial establishments.

Our next-generation business security cameras include indoor HD cameras and outdoor HD security cameras. The indoor cameras allow users to see, hear, talk, and take a snapshot or record a video clip - all from a single screen in the interactive monitoring app. Advanced features including night vision, audio analytics, cloud storage options, microSD card backup storage in case of internet connectivity issues, digital zoom, video analytics and more!
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