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PRO Silver Level

PRO Gold Level
No-Term Contracts
Central Station Response Professional Dispatching (Live Operator) Professional Dispatching (Live Operator)
ETL-Listed Provider Accredited 24-Hour Services Accredited 24-Hour Services
Insurance Discounts Up to 10% Savings Up to 10% Savings
Hacking Protection Secure Network (for Enhanced Privacy) Secure Network (for Enhanced Privacy)
Supervision Period Daily, 6-Hour or 1-Hour Test Daily, 6-Hour or 1-Hour Test
FailSafe Supervision Vandal-Proof Alarm Reporting Vandal-Proof Alarm Reporting
Interactive Alarm Services?   Remote Alarm Monitoring Capabilities and Full Control of Your Security System!
Alula App* Android and Apple iOS Android and Apple iOS
Facial Recognition*
Multi-Site Management*
Multiple Permission Login's*
Event System History* (Unlimited Archive) (Unlimited Archive)
Remote Arming/Disarming*
Scheduled Arming/Disarming*
Notification Services?   Administrator Suite for Complete Access Reports and Easy Management Tools!
Bypass Notifications*
Open/Close Notifications*
Trouble Supervision Notifications*
Test Notifications*
Text/Email/Voice Notifications*
Smart Automation Services?   Full Control of Your Compatible Smart Alarm Gadgets Using Your Monitoring App!
Garage Door Control*
Light Control*
Lock Control*
Thermostat Control*
Smart Automation Scenes*
Z-Wave Integrations*
Video Surveillance Services?     Remotely Look into Your Security Cameras and Receive Text/Email Video Clips!
Video Doorbell* 128GB On-Board Storage (Add-On Service) 128GB On-Board Storage (Add-On Service)
Video Surveillance* 1080p, Indoor and Outdoor (Add-On Service) 1080p, Indoor and Outdoor (Add-On Service)
Max. Number of Cameras* Upgrade to 8 Cameras (Add-On Service) Upgrade to 8 Cameras (Add-On Service)
Live Video Viewing* True Day/Night Infrared Vision (Add-On Service) True Day/Night Infrared Vision (Add-On Service)
Two-Way Audio Function* Built-In Microphone/Speaker (Add-On Service) Built-In Microphone/Speaker (Add-On Service)
Multi-Site Camera Control* Enabled from Single Account (Add-On Service) Enabled from Single Account (Add-On Service)
Motion-Activated Video Clips* Text/Email Notifications (Add-On Service) Text/Email Notifications (Add-On Service)
Organized Video Clips* Search by Calendar Dates (Add-On Service) Search by Calendar Dates (Add-On Service)
Local SD Cloud Storage* 16GB Card Included with Camera Purchase (Add-On Service) 16GB Card Included with Camera Purchase (Add-On Service)
Video Cloud Storage* 1,000 Clips Per Camera (Add-On Service) 1,000 Clips Per Camera (Add-On Service)
* These DSC compatible alarm monitoring options are powered by Alula and/or the Alula app.