PROSiXSHOCK - Resideo Honeywell Home Wireless Encrypted Shock Sensor (for ProSeries Control Panel)

PROSiXSHOCK - Resideo Honeywell Home Wireless Encrypted Shock Sensor (for ProSeries Control Panel)
PROSiXSHOCK - Resideo Honeywell Home Wireless Encrypted Shock Sensor (for ProSeries Control Panel)
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ProSeries PROSiXSHOCK Product Description:

The Resideo Honeywell Home PROSiXSHOCK is a 3-zone wireless shock/door/window sensor that is intended for use with control panels that support PROSiX-Series devices. The PROSiXSHOCK shock detector is compatible with the ProSeries PROA7, ProSeries PROA7C, ProSeries Canada PROA7CN, ProSeries PROA7PLUS, ProSeries PROA7PLUSC or ProSeries Canada PROA7PLUSCN all-in-one wireless touchscreen control panels. The PROSiXSHOCK sensor provides; reed switch/magnet zone (loop 1), external wired contact zone (loop 2), and built-in shock sensor zone (loop 3) designed to protect windows and doors. The typical shock protection area of the PROSiXSHOCK sensor is 10-12 feet diameter (5-6 radius feet) and the area may vary depending on the mounting surface. The Red LED flashes upon shock for up to 24 hours after battery connection. And, the 24-hour flash period can be restarted by tripping one of the tampers.

To mount the sensor, open the device and firmly slide the front and back housings in opposite directions to pull them apart. The PROSiXSHOCK sensor MUST be mounted as follows; on swinging doors mount on upper corner of door (not door frame) opposite the hinge is ideal, and on sliding windows and doors mount on the frame (on moving section when magnet is used). Use the double-sided tape and screws provided. Secure the front cover with #2 x 1/4" screw.

To enroll and setup the device, you must enroll it in the control panel. Then program each zone being used loop 1, loop 2 and/or loop 3. Remember after enrolling and before mounting to verify the signal strength is adequate by conducting a sensor test with the device in its intended mounting location. Adjust the device location and orientation as necessary.

The PROSiXSHOCK sensitivity must be set after mounting and enrollment. The PROSiXSHOCK has the following sensitivity settings; maximum, medium, low and lowest. Verify the sensitivity setting is adequate by striking the protected surface with the soft part of your fist at the point farthest from the device. If the sensitity is adequate the red LED flashes briefly (remove the cover for easier viewing of the LED). If the LED does not flash, select the next higher sensitivity setting and repeat.

If the device is enrolled in a panel different than the intended panel, and you are unable to delete it from the unintended panel, reset the device to factory default setting. Open the cover and remove the battery. Hold down the tamper switch while reinserting the battery. Rapid LED flashing indicates successful deletion. If LED does not flash, delete was not successful. This procedure is available for 24 hours after enrollment with a panel and the device remains powered with the battery installed.

Product Features:

  • 128-bit AES Encryption (PROSiX-Series)
  • Cover and Wall Tamper
  • LED indicators
  • Coverage area of 10-12 feet diameter
  • 3-Zone Sensor (Reed switch magnet zone, external wired contact zone, built-in shock sensor zone)

ProSeries PROSiXSHOCK Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions (H x L x W): 1" x 3.13" x 1.61" (25.5mm x 79.5mm x 41mm)
  • Mounting Hardware: Included
  • Tamper Protected: Yes
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Power Requirements: 1 x 3V Lithium battery (Qty 1; Panasonic CR123A, Huiderui CR123A, Duracell DL123A)
  • Encryption: 128-bit AES
  • Coverage Area: 10-12 ft. diameter (5-6 ft. radius)
  • Operating Temperature: 32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C)
  • Relative Humidity: 95%, non-condensing
  • Agency Approvals: FCC/IC, cETL Listed, Conforms to UL 634, Certified to ULC/ORD-C634
  • Other Standards: RoHS, Product must be tested at least once each year

It is recommended that the PROSIXSHOCK sensor is installed with several options;
  • Loop 1: Normally closed, built-in reed switch, used with the included magnet
  • Loop 2: Externally wired, closed-circuit contact loop connected to the Terminal Block (unsupervised). The wiring limit is 3 ft.
  • Loop 3: Built-in shock sensor. Red LED flashes briefly upon sensing shock

ProSeries PROSiXSHOCK Product Compatibility:

  • PROA7
  • PROA7C
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