PROA7PLUS - Resideo Honeywell Home ProSeries Wireless Touchscreen Alarm Control Panel (for United States)

PROA7PLUS - Resideo Honeywell Home ProSeries Wireless Touchscreen Alarm Control Panel (for United States)
PROA7PLUS - Resideo Honeywell Home ProSeries Wireless Touchscreen Alarm Control Panel (for United States)
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ProSeries WiFi/Z-Wave Module (PROWIFIZW)*:  Add ProSeries Alarm Communicator*:  Add ProSeries Desk-Mount Stand (PROA7DM):  Add ProSeries Wireless RF Range Repeater (PROSIXRPTR):  Add ProSeries Wireless Takeover Module (PROTAKEOVER): 
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* Parts listed above require a subscription to Total Connect 2.0 services powered by AlarmClub.

ProSeries PROA7PLUS Product Description:

The Resideo Honeywell Home ProSeries PROA7PLUS is not just another all-in-one wireless touchscreen alarm control panel, it's part of a new wireless encrypted PROSiX-Series platform that is scalable up to 250 devices. The ProSeries technology brings security, safety and smart home control together in a seamless package. With a modern design the ProSeries PROA7PLUS wireless control panel has a 7-inch color touchscreen that is compatible with a full family of wireless keypads, two-way sensors, alarms and accessories. Also, when you activate Resideo's Total Connect remote services to be used in conjunction with the ProSeries Panel, you can control your security, compatible smart IP cameras/doorbells and smart automation (thermostats, lighting, locks) and receive text and email alerts via most smartphones, tablets, and computers.

The ProSeries platform has five key components; the ProSeries Control Panel (PROA7PLUS), a new line of encrypted PROSIX-Series security sensors, integrations with the Honeywell Home smart automation modules, Honeywell Home smart wireless indoor/outdoor security cameras and compatible SkyBell smart video doorbells. The ProSeries System is compatible with previous Honeywell Home 5800-Series and SiX-Series manufactured wireless sensors and detectors except for bi-directional devices such as the 5800WAVE wireless siren and 5828/5828V wireless keypads. This backwards compatibility allows you to reuse existing devices on the new ProSeries platform as your families lifestyles change. The new PROSIX-Series line of devices are easy to install, easy to maintain and provide a higher level of world-class AES-128 encrypted security. These PROSIX devices deliver dependable alerts for movement and intrusion, and 24/7 AlarmClub professional monitoring that can alert first responders, when necessary.

The ProSeries main control panel is used for both security and smart home automation. The panel services as the central hub with its wireless controller, communicator, microphone, speaker and siren. It allows for an enhanced user experience with hands-free disarming, a built in Amazon Alexa voice assistant and a consistent user experience across all user interfaces and the Total Connect mobile app. By using the ProSeries panel everything can be manipulated such as programming security sensors, arming/disarming, programming WiFi/Z-Wave home automation devices, setting automation smart scenes, changing system settings and much more.

Honeywell Home has made upgrades for the DIY installations by internalizing the Z-Wave Plus and WiFi radios into the ProSeries panel and adding a dedicated cellular communicator slot on the side of the control panel where you simply install one of the new AT&T LTE (PROLTE-A) or Verizon LTE (PROLTE-V) cellular communicators. The ProSeries cellular communicators can be swapped at any time to increase flexibility in communication providers as some areas in the country may have better cellular service with one provider over another. For DIY installations of the ProSeries Panel we recommend adding the desk-mount kit (PROA7DM) that requires no drilling.

The Honeywell Home ProSeries looks similar to previous alarm control panels but, it's NOT. Some of the notable ProSeries features include;

All-In-One - Self-contained unit combines 7" graphic touchscreen, controller, communicator, microphone, speaker and sounder.

AlarmNet 360 Online Management Platform - Remote programming and diagnostics improve efficiencies and eliminate expensive onsite service calls.

Amazon Alexa Built-In - Supports convenient voice interactivity with Alexa functions and commands.

Anti-Takeover Capability - SIX-Series sensors can be locked to communicate with only the originally installed panel. So, unless deprogrammed from the controller, the sensors are joined to the existing panel which helps protect your investment.

Batch programming - While programming PROSIX-Series wireless devices into the ProSeries Panel instead of having to individually learn in their serial numbers to connect you can now activate and assign all of the serial numbers by pulling the battery tabs out of your new security sensors. The ProSeries Panel is smart enough to assign these sensors to a dedicated zone. Once you have completed pulling the battery tabs out of the PROSIX-Series wireless sensors you can go back to the alarm control panel to make adjustments on how you want those sensors to act if triggered. Batch programming reduces the overall time used in the installation and process.

Bluetooth Disarming - Hands-free auto-disarming with linked mobile phone in proximity.

Built-In Microphone/Speaker - The ProSeries Panel can now receive voice commands to control Z-Wave automation smart scenes and other features with the use of the built-in microphone. Once the trigger word has been stated you can follow with your smart scene names such as Arrive home or Bedtime. These Smart Scenes can include an array of devices and simultaneously lock a door, lower a connected thermostat, turn on/off or dim lights, close or open a garage door, etc. These automation smart scenes are limited to the connected Z-Wave/Z-Wave Plus devices you have.

GeoFencing - With activation of Total Connect 2.0 and a Honeywell Home WiFi thermostat you can set up a GeoFence which is you where you set up a perimeter distance for example 500 feet from your location and anytime you cross out of the set GeoFence your ProSeries System can arm itself, close the garage door and raise your thermostats temperature. At the same time when you cross back over that GeoFence within 500 feet of your location, your controller can, for example, lower a thermostat and turn on a front porch light. The GeoFencing feature can be customized to include the accessories of your liking and doesn't have to be configured how we described. In order for the ProSeries Panel to be able to control a garage door, you must also have the Honeywell 5877GDPK-KT1. The 5877GDPK-KT1 enables remote control of the garage door and can tell you the current status whether the door is open or closed.

Indoor/Outdoor MotionViewer - Can detect a potential intruder, record a short 10-second digital video clip or one snapshot and transmit it to the end user up to 4 times per alarm state.

Front-Mounted Camera - The ProSeries Panel has a built-in 2-megapixel front-mounted security camera, so that when the system has disarmed a notification with photo can be sent to you in the form of a text message and email notification. So, no more false alarms from mischievous pets these photos are viewable through the Resideo Total Connect app and/or the event log.

One-Go-All-Go - From fires and floods, to smoke and carbon monoxide, the ProSeries system helps keep families safe and informs them if they need to exit quickly via the exclusive "One-Go-All-Go" alarm feature. So when one environmental sensor goes off, all other connected environmental sensors/sirens will simultaneously alarm which better alerts occupants of any impending danger.

Optional Resideo Total Connect Remote Services - On-the-go security and home control, video viewing, and real-time alerts, anytime, anywhere, on any PC or smart device.

Partitions - Program up to four independent partitions; ideal for commercial customers, small offices, retail shops and multi-dwelling homes.

SiX Sensors - Extensive range of secure, encrypted two-way wireless sensors and peripherals with over-the-air upgrade capability.

Smart Home - Z-Wave/Z-Wave Plus compatibility allows control of lighting, locks, thermostats and other devices; system operation can trigger programmed automated scenes that set devices to the DIYer's preference.

Smart Scenes - Once a WiFi/Z-Wave home automation device is learned into the ProSeries Panel all you have to do is go to smart scenes to enable that device into a smart scene which tells that sensor how and when to act. This makes the programming of these home automation devices a breeze!

Smart Security Cameras - The ProSeries Panel has also added integrations with the Honeywell Home IP security cameras (iPCAM-WIC1 or iPCAM-WIC2). You can remotely check the Honeywell Home indoor/outdoor security camera activity on the Total Connect® 2.0 Remote Services app, and see, hear and speak to visitors at your door from iPhone® or iPad®.

SkyBell Smart Video Doorbells - The ProSeries Panel has also added integrations with the Skybell HD Video Doorbell Camera as long as it is the dedicated Honeywell DBCAM-TRIM or Honeywell DBCAM-TRIMBR version. The SkyBell is a high-definition video doorbell that lets you enjoy new levels of security, control, and convenience wherever you are in the world. With Skybell you can remotely check doorbell activity on the Total Connect® 2.0 Remote Services app, and see, hear and speak to visitors at your door from iPhone® or iPad®.

ProSeries PROA7PLUS Product Specifications:

All-in-One Capacities:

250 Security Zones Includes SiX and One-Way Devices
127 Max. SiX Two-Way Wireless Devices
78 Z-Wave Devices
  60 Lights, Water Valves, Shades
  6 Thermostats
  6 Locks
  6 Garage Door Controls
8 Wireless Keypads Touchscreen or LCD
32 Remote Key Fobs
96 Users
4000 Event Log


7' (177.8mm) diagonal
LED-backlit capacitive touch display
1024 x 600 pixel resolution, support for millions of colors

User Interface:

Home Screen - Security Status, Arming Option, Panics, Weather, Time
Idle Screen - Weather, Date, Time, Status, Indoor Temp (if thermostat present)
Quick Pull-Down - Voice On/Off, Chime On/Off, Alexa Mute, Brightness, Volume, Clean Screen, Battery Status, Connectivity
Menu Options - Favorites, Devices, Sensors, Smart Scenes, Settings
Trouble Indications - Low Battery, AC Loss, RF Jamming, Sensor/Device Out-of-Range, Communicator Failures, Failure to Communicate, Tamper Conditions, Detector End-of-Life

Size and Weight:

Product Height - 5.77 in (146.6 mm)
Product Width - 7.9 in (200.6 mm)
Product Depth - 1.06 in (26.9 mm)
Product Weight - 2.1 lb (0.95 kg)


Up to 4 Total Partitions

Arming Options:

Modes - Arm Away, Arm Home, Arm Night, Arm with No Entry Delay (Instant), Quick Arm, Bypass and Arm, Arem with Silent Exit, Force Arm, Auto Arm, Arm with Quick Exit Option
Arm/Disarm via Total Connect
Arm via Triggers (Schedule, Event)

I/O Connectors:

Input and Output
Sounder with 85 dB intensity
Built-in camera

Connectors and Modules
Cellular module tray (end-user replaceable optional)
Internal backup battery module (end-user replaceable)
WiFi/Z-Wave module (included)
1-way wireless takeover module (optional)

Wireless and Cellular:

Max. Plug-In Modules - 3
Cellular - Primary communicator
LTE Verizon (700, 1700, 1900 MHz)
LTE AT&T (700, 850, 1700, 1900 MHz)
3G Fallback (850, 1900 MHz)
Carriers - AT&T LTE, Verizon LTE
WiFi - Device connectivity, central station communication
WiFi (802.11 b/g/n); (2.4 GHz); 2 x 2 MIMO
Z-Wave Plus - Used for automation
Z-Wave module to support products using the Z-Wave protocol - 500 Series

Included Protocols:

BLE-Bluetooth Low Energy - Bluetooth Disarm via cell phone
RF6-Security Sensors - 2.4 GHz with encryption (128-bit AES)
Wiselink - Use with Motion Viewers (918 MHz)
Antennas - SiX Two-Way Wireless Technology antenna to support encrypted two way wireless sensors


Max. Two-Way Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Motion Viewers - 8
Max. Secondary WiFi Touchscreen Device - 16 (Requires WiFi/Z-Wave Card)
Option Module - to takeover 5800-Series, 2GIG, DSC 433 MHz, ITI/Qolsys and Bosch (Part Number - PROTAKEOVER)


78 Z-Wave Devices
  60 Lights, Water Valves, Shades
  6 Thermostats
  6 Locks
  6 Garage Door Controls


Installer Code - 1
PIN Length - 4 Digits
Credentials - PIN, Bluetooth Device, Keyfob

Bluetooth Disarming:

Max. Bluetooth Device - 6
Enable/Disable via AlarmNet 360


Max Scenes - 100 (Requires Total Connect)
Types of Trigger - Schedule, Event, Manual


Native Voice Assitant: Amazon Alexa (Enable/Disable via AlarmNet 360)
Voiced Sensor and System Status Announcements
Up to 10 Selectable Chime Sounds - End-User Selectable
Mute Options


Max. Intensity - 85dB

Video Alarm Verification:

Required Elements - Indoor or Outdoor Motion Viewer, Total Connect Account, iViewNow Compatible Central Station


Full Programming via AlarmNet 360 Mobile App or Web Interface

Built-In Camera

Camera Resolution - 2MP Fixed
Photo Resolution - 640 x 480 pixels
Viewing Angle - 68°
Function - Captures two Images when system disarms
View via Total Connect or Event Log

Language Support:

English, Spanish, Canadian French, Portuguese (Installer selectable)


Wall-mount back - with power connector
Optional Desk-mount kit - with plug-in power adapter


Front and back cover tamper protection


Plug-in power adapter
  Input - 110-240VAC, 50/60 Hz
  Output - 9VDC, 2.5A
Back-Up Battery
Lithium-Ion 3.6V, 7500mAh
24 hours of backup battery

Agency Listings:

ETL Listing to UL Std 985, 1023, 1610
ETL to ULC Std S545, C1023

ProSeries PROA7PLUS Product Compatibility:

Security System Sensors

Honeywell Home PROSiX-Series

  • 2.4 GHz Frequency with 128-bit AES encryption

Honeywell Home SiX-Series

  • 2.4 GHz Frequency with 128-bit AES encryption

Honeywell Home 5800-Series

  • 345 MHz Frequency
  • Non-Bidirectional Devices Only
  • Requires the PROTAKEOVER module


  • 345 MHz Frequency
  • Non-Bidirectional Devices Only
  • Requires the PROTAKEOVER module


  • 433 MHz Frequency
  • Non-Bidirectional Devices Only
  • Requires the PROTAKEOVER module


  • 319.5 MHz Frequency
  • Non-Bidirectional Devices Only
  • Requires the PROTAKEOVER module

Qolsys Series

  • 319.5 MHz Frequency
  • Non-Bidirectional Devices Only
  • Requires the PROTAKEOVER module

Smart Automation Devices

  • Z-Wave
  • Z-Wave Plus

Smart Security Cameras

  • Honeywell Home iPCAM-WIC1
  • Honeywell Home iPCAM-WIC2
  • Honeywell Home iPCAM-WOC1

Smart Video Doorbells

  • SkyBell DBCAM-TRIM

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▼ Compatible Honeywell Video Security Cameras ▼
▼ Compatible Honeywell Home Automation Devices ▼
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