SIRENKIT-OD - Resideo Honeywell Home Outdoor Alarm Siren (for LYNX Touch Series Control Panels)

SIRENKIT-OD - Resideo Honeywell Home Outdoor Alarm Siren (for LYNX Touch Series Control Panels)
SIRENKIT-OD - Resideo Honeywell Home Outdoor Alarm Siren (for LYNX Touch Series Control Panels)
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Non-Metallic Grey Enclosure (EB0708):  Alarm Battery 12V @ 5.0AH (IM-1250F1):  Power Supply 6-12VDA @ 1.2A (AD12612):  AC Transformer 16.5V @ 40VA (1361-GT):  Altronix Relay 12-24VDC @ 1A/2A (RBSNTTL):  Add Wired Outdoor Siren (719): 
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Honeywell SIRENKIT-OD Product Description:

The Honeywell SIRENKIT-OD is a outdoor siren kit designed by AlarmClub. A common question that we receive about the Honeywell LYNX Touch series wireless control panels (L5200/L5210/L7000), is if they can use an external hardwired siren? The answer to that question is no by default. The Honeywell LYNX Touch L5200/L5210/L7000 wireless panel do have the option for an output, but the output is not enough to power one of the powered external hardwired sirens.

But, here at AlarmClub we have a solution to that problem. In order to have a successful installation of a powered external hardwired siren you will need a few parts. All of these parts we have combined to form a AlarmClub kit, the part number for this kit is SIRENKIT-OD. In this kit you will receive one housing box, one power supply, one AC transformer, one sensitive relay, an IM-1250F backup battery, and one Honeywell 702 outdoor siren. You don't have to use the Honeywell 702 if you don't want just make sure that siren you use does not exceed 1.2 amps "as this is the maximum power output of this additional power supply". The Honeywell L5200/L5210/L7000 wireless panels need a sensitive relay as well, because the panels have a current limit of 3ma. Please check out our wiring diagram.

Once you have completed wiring up your Honeywell LYNX Touch L5200/L5210/L7000 panel along with the SIRENKIT-OD powered external hardwired kit you will need to apply a rule to your system. To do this go to security, more, tools, installer code "default is 4112", rules, highlight rule, edit, type trigger output, action permanent, start system operation any burglar alarm, stop system operation bell timeout, save, back out to the home screen, then insert the UltraTech IM-1250F1 and power up the SIRENKIT-OD. After you have completed these steps go ahead and test your Honeywell L5200/L5210/L7000 with a powered external hardwired siren.

Honeywell SIRENKIT-OD Product Includes:

  • Non-Metallic Grey Enclosure (EB0708)
  • UltraTech IM-1250F1 Alarm Battery 12V @ 5.0AH (IM-1250F1)
  • Power Supply 6-12VDA @ 1.2A (AD12612)
  • AC Transformer 16.5V @ 40VA (1361-GT)
  • Altroxis Relay 12-24VDC @ 1A/2A (RBSNTTL)
  • Optional Outdoor Siren (702)

Honeywell SIRENKIT-OD Product Compatibility:

• L5200
• L5210
• L7000
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