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SiXPIR - Resideo Honeywell Home Wireless Motion Detector (for Lyric Controller)

SiXPIR - Resideo Honeywell Home Wireless Motion Detector (for Lyric Controller)
SiXPIR - Resideo Honeywell Home Wireless Motion Detector (for Lyric Controller)

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Honeywell Lyric SiXPIR Motion Detector Description:

The Honeywell Lyric SiXPIR is a wireless motion detector with mounting hardware, intended for use with the Lyric Controller that supports SiX™ series devices. The Lyric SiXPIR can be programmed and enrolled into the Honeywell Lyric Controller (LCP500-L) in a matter of minutes. Once enrolled, the SiXPIR device cannot be used with another security system until it is removed from the current controller because of its Lyric Lock feature. Each SiXPIR has a unique MAC number located on the sticker on the unit.

The SiXPIR is now Boasting a 300-foot transmission range which is around 100 feet more than the previous 5800PIR so now you may place your motion sensor in those far away extra bedrooms from the Lyric Controller. SiXPIR has moved to a 2.4ghz operating frequency which provides you with a 128 bit fully encrypted signal to prevent intruders from jamming the RF signals. The SiXPIR has expanded its detection with a 40-foot x 56-foot detection pattern which has been designed to protect every size room. The SiXPIR has front and back tamper protection, to prevent anyone from deliberately tampering with the enclosure. There are LED indicators on the motion detector for visual sensor notifications. If you have Total Connect Services activated, you can also receive text and email notification anytime this occurs.

When installing a SiXPIR motion sensor there are a few guidelines you should follow and look at if you are troubleshooting. The Lyric Motion sensor should be installed at a mounting height of 7'6" either wall or corner mounted and allow a clear line-of-sight to all areas protected. Do not directly face a SiXPIR towards a window as traffic, window shades, or animals outside can set the motion detector off a cause false alarms. Avoid mounting a Lyric Motion in close proximity to moving machinery, fluorescent lights, and heating/cooling sources. Lastly, the Honeywell SiXPIR is for use with pets no greater than 80lbs. In applications with pets mount the Lyric Motion sensor with the center at 7.5 feet and where pets can't come within 6 feet by climbing on furniture, stairs, or boxes. Before your permanently install a SiXPIR make sure that you run a Go/No Go test and determine if the pet immunity will work with your circumstance.

The Lyric Motion comes with a Panasonic CR12A Lithium battery that can last for 5 years with normal use. Once the Panasonic battery that comes with the SiXPIR has died you can replace it with One 3V lithium battery. Duracell DL123 and Duracell DL123a, Panasonic CR123A, Honeywell 466.

If possible it is always recommended to have at least one Honeywell SiXPIR motion sensor but, if you can't use this there are other great options that will help solidify your home or business security system. Try to protect all of your door/windows by using one of the Honeywell Lyric (SiXCT) door/window contacts in the event an intruder opens an entry point and separates the magnet from the contact causing the Lyric Security System alarm to go off. Having door/window contacts is usually the most common method of security but, what if someone breaks into your location by breaking your glass door or window? If this is the case, we always recommend backing up your SiXCT contacts with a Honeywell Lyric (SiXGB). The SiXGB works by detecting all UL listed glass break frequencies and sends the signal directly to the Lyric Control panel as an alarm signal. A good combination of these devices will set your house apart from other homes especially when you have AlarmClub's Professional Alarm Monitoring Services that comes with Security Signs and Stickers as a deterrent.

Honeywell Lyric SiXPIR Motion Detector Specifications:

Product Diameter: 135mm (5.30")
Product Depth: 42mm (1.60")
Operating Temperature: 32° - 122°F (0°-50°C)
Relative Humidity: 5-95&per; max., non-condensing
RF Frequency: 2.4GHz
Mounting Hardware: Included
Transmission Range: 300 ft (92 meters)
LED Indicators: Yes
Detection Pattery: 360 degree
Temperature Sensing Capable: Yes
Encryption: 128-bit AES
Battery Life: Five years (typical use)
Power Requirements: 3 Volt CR123 battery (Quantity 2)
Tamper Protected: Yes
Authorized Countries: US/Canada/Latin America
Approval Listings: FCC Part 15/UL 268

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I found Alarmclub on the internet and when i called their customer service they recommend i buy a Lyric security system kit which includes a sixpir motion sensor. I have a little dog that is about 40 lbs and they said the Sixpir has a 80 pound pet immunity which worked out great. I have had no issues with false alarms or anything like that because they helped me locate the best position over the phone.

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